10 Recording tools to improve your videos easily


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10 Recording tools to improve your videos easily

Finding the best recording tools is just a matter of searching wisely. From the most basic tools for image and sound enhancement to the most advanced editing software, there is a wide range of tools on the market.

If you've ever watched a video and wondered, "How do I get that picture quality and why don't my videos look the same? The most likely answer is that this person already has the recording tools you are about to discover in their possession (as well as experience, because remember, practice makes perfect).

Let's divide this list into three sections: Image recording tools, audio recording tools and editing tools, so it will be easier for you to understand what each one is for and how it works. 

Remember also that, if you are just starting out, you don't need to get all of them right now, you can buy them little by little so that your videos gain more and more quality, and don't overwhelm yourself by learning how to use them all at once. 

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10 Recording tools to improve your videos easily

Without further ado, let's take a look at what it takes to shoot a professional video:

Recording tools to achieve a high quality image

1A smartphone with 4K video recording

Although a mobile phone that records at 1080p can be a very good option, nowadays it is more common to record video tutorials at 4K (4 times higher resolution than 1080p), this becomes especially important for recording tutorials where details are key, for example when recording make-up videos.  

A smartphone with 4K video recording also allows you to create professional photos to post on social media, creating a great brand image. HERE we tell you how to use social media to drive traffic to your video streaming channel. 

These types of smartphones are also used a lot during leisure time, so they can be a great investment in many ways. You'll find them for iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung and others), with the former tending to have a higher price tag. 

If you don't have a phone with these features, you can use a smartphone that records in HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p). 

Here you will discover 8 easy tricks to record better videos with your mobile phone. 

2Digital Reflex Camera 

Digital SLR cameras are the most commonly used for recording video on demand, they do not have the quality of a camera for large productions (because we don't need it either) but they do achieve superior results to compact cameras, and also to most mobile phones. 

They usually have audio input, internal stabilisation for a sharp image and different photo and video modes. Their price is quite affordable, and especially on the second-hand market you will find very cheap cameras. With minimal maintenance, they will last for years, making them a great investment. 

Note: If you have a good smartphone and want to use it to record your videos on demand, you won't need a reflex camera. 


A tripod is essential to get a steady and stable image, there are even some for less than €10.00, so there is no excuse not to get one. If you prefer to shoot video with your mobile phone, remember to buy an adapter to attach your smartphone to the tripod. There's no more mystery to this recording tool, so let's move on to the next one: 


As we have seen in other PLAYBAK articles, when it comes to getting the perfect lighting we have two options: Go for natural light, or follow the basic lighting theory that uses three points of light, this is essential for filming in a closed environment. 

On the internet you will find complete lighting kits for around 100,00€, the price will depend a lot on the quality, the instruments included... to start with, an average kit is great. They usually include two light sources, since for the third one you usually use a small lamp or the general light of the room, but I repeat, there is everything, the question is to find the perfect one for you. 

Our advice is to choose a lighting kit with white light, or one that includes warm, white and cold light, to create different effects. However, this can be achieved by changing the bulbs. 

All of these physical recording tools can be bought first hand, or second hand at a cheaper price, but also with a lower warranty. Find out more about this in our article How to build your own recording studio on a shoestring. 

5Light ring

Didn't we say that three light sources are enough? 

Yes, and on most occasions they are. The ring light is only used for portrait photography and video, so it will be essential for video on demand for make-up and hairdressing, but you won't need it if you're in another industry.

They come in a variety of sizes and can be attached to the camera or a tripod. They usually include cold, warm and white light covers. They create a beautiful circular reflection in the eyes of the person in focus. You can find ring lights with stand included for less than €40.00.

Audio recording tools to improve the sound of your videos

The most important thing about this point is that you may not need audio tools if your mobile or reflex camera has a good sound recording. Also, even if it's not perfect, you can edit it later with the editing software you'll see below. However, these tools will generally help you achieve a better end result.

6Lavalier or lavalier microphone

The lavalier microphone is a microphone that is attached directly to the lapel of the shirt or the neckline of the shirt. It is placed an inch away from the mouth and records the voice of the person wearing it very well.

If the microphone is wired, it must be connected to a camera, recorder or mobile phone. If you choose the second option, you will need a sound recording app to make it work, many of which are free to download. 

A more convenient option is the wireless lavalier microphone, which works without any type of cable, although there is a maximum distance between the receiver and the transmitter for it to work properly.  

The microphone is connected to a flask worn by the person speaking, and the receiver is plugged into the sound input of the camera, mobile phone or recorder. Although wireless lavalier microphones are much more comfortable, they also tend to be of slightly lower quality. The price range of these microphones is very wide. 

Alternative: Another option is directional microphones that pick up the sound in front of them, but not from the sides. This is ideal if you are recording very close to the camera. It should be focused on the mouth of the person speaking, and it is recommended that it does not appear on screen.

7Wind shield

The windshield (also colloquially called a "dead cat") is a cover that is placed over the mic for recording outdoors during windy days, so that your voice is recorded, but the sounds generated by the air are omitted. 

This recording tool is only necessary if you are recording outdoors. 

8Headphones for sound monitoring

When we record audio with a microphone, the person speaking does not know if the sound is being recorded properly. 

The windshield may move, a cable may fail... And even if we're doing great, the audio may be recorded improperly. 

If you are lucky enough to have someone monitoring the video while you record, they can plug the headphones into the device you are using, i.e. the camera, mobile or recorder. This way they can let you know if there are any mishaps. 

It is not a 100% indispensable recording tool, but it will save you a lot of headaches. The better the quality of the headphones, the more audio nuances you will be able to perceive. 

If you want to know more about how to improve the audio of your videos CLICK HERE. 

With these video editing tools you will get a perfect result.

With the recording tools you've just discovered, you'll get higher quality videos, but you'll always need to edit, even if it's just to remove the extra clips. We're going to look at two different video editing tools, one free and simpler, the other more elaborate and paid. You'll be able to switch between the two as you make your way through video on demand: 


Avidemux is a free downloadable video editing program that does not require a password and works for different operating systems. The programme weighs about 37 MB. 

It is a simple tool that allows small edits such as trimming and joining clips, adding logos, changing the format, adding filters or rotating videos. 

Learning to use it is very easy, and it is the option we recommend at PLAYBAK if you don't have much experience yet. If you are in a hurry, you can hire a professional to edit your videos while you learn, or you can also count on their services for life, depending on your needs.

10Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most widely used professional video editing software, allowing you to do almost anything you can imagine when editing a video: Cut and join clips, rotate, edit audio, enhance colour, add text, optimise image quality... 

It costs around €25.00 per month, although you can purchase the reduced version for just over €12.00. We are talking about a heavyweight in video editing, so you will need some training to get the most out of it at the beginning, after that, everything will be smoother. The biggest advantage of Adobe Premiere Pro is that because it's so widely used, you'll find plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help you get to grips with it. 

These are our 10 recording tools to improve your videos easily, we wanted to create for you the most complete guide to start from scratch. Save it in your favourites and keep in mind that Rome wasn't built in a day, acquiring and learning these tools step by step will help you to be a little bit better every day. 

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