3 ways to generate video content you might not have thought of


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3 ways to generate video content you might not have thought of

Using video to generate content is a safe bet.

You can opt for different strategies to have quality content. Although we often play it safe, I want to show you other ways to use video marketing to achieve your business goals.

We invite you to read 3 ways to generate video content that you hadn't thought of before. Let's get started!

1Record your story on video

We are used to seeing videos in which companies ask their customers to make a video recording praising their product or service. If it's not done well, it looks very stilted and unnatural.

That's why I recommend the idea of creating your own video story: you'll turn the traditional strategy on its head by putting the focus on the customer.

Let the client carry the weight of the narrative, and let them speak naturally about your project. The customer, after all, is the key to the success of your product or service - why not let them communicate that? It is a much more powerful and convincing testimony than the usual method.

2Use the autoplay function like on Facebook

We've all had the experience of browsing social media and being fascinated by a video that plays automatically. Normally we would have passed it by if it was a click-to-play video, as we do with the hundreds of thousands of posts and videos every day. But there is something about this functionality that chooses for us that captivates us.

That's why it's interesting, rather than simply uploading a video, to make sure you take advantage of the autoplay feature on many social networks like Facebook by uploading the video directly to the site.

You will surely capture the attention of people who would not otherwise have come to see it. The strategy is simple, but if done well, it can have a big impact, increasing your audience.

3Create multiple versions of your videos

There is an art to repurposing your content that will help you make the most of your budget.

The process of shooting, editing and publishing a video is not an easy task, so it is not uncommon to feel relieved when we finish this long process. After all this effort, why leave it at just one video?

Looking for new approaches, coming up with new projects with the material we already have is something that has many advantages and will help us deal with creative dry spells or when we simply don't meet deadlines due to lack of time. Not to mention the advantages of staying within budget.

The solution is to start "recycling" or "repurposing" your video content. I'm sure you've heard the term Video Nuggets... Well, this is making nuggets out of your videos, learning to make the most of absolutely everything.

Design an extended version, long and short versions, modify the titles, and change the graphics, etc. All this to keep using the same content several times. It all depends on our creativity...


You probably already have a strategy for your video content, and the three tips I've mentioned above are easy to incorporate, helping you to complement the video content you already have.

Adding all these tricks to your marketing strategy will help you to further develop your project. 

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