5 factors why your video on demand project needs a mailing list


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5 factors why your video on demand project needs a mailing list

Email marketing, also called email marketing, is 40 times more effective than social media. And this is a fact.

At first glance it doesn't seem like it, because everyone talks about the number of Instagram followers and YouTube channel subscribers. But it is true.

Email marketing is a simple and proven way to grow a video on demand business that survives after many years of changing market trends, economic crisis and new fashions.

Email lists continue to play a vital role in modern marketing. And, if you're not already using them, we'll have to talk about why you should be doing so now ...

5 factors why your on-demand video project needs a mailing list.

Your email list is the most effective tool at your fingertips. Why?

Because it combines five key elements:

  • Longevity: the email will be available for a long time.
  • Trust: you have the permission of your audience
  • Ownership: your email list belongs to you
  • Accessibility: Emails are a direct line to your customers.
  • ROI: email provides a high return on investment

Let's take a closer look at each of these and see why they are important to your video on demand business.

1Longevity: email will be around for a long time to come

I'll bet you've checked your email at least once today. Why?

Because email has become an integral part of how we communicate. It is the postal service of the digital age; a perennial tool that isn't going anywhere.

In the United States, reports show that 89% of citizens check their email once a day, and 21% check it up to five times a day. And many people believe that email will outlast Facebook, Google and TIKTOK.

It's not a far-fetched idea either. The first email was sent in 1971, and virtual reality headsets are set up with virtual desktops where you can access your email platform.

The reason it's still around? Simplicity. It's an easy way for people to connect, communicate and receive information directly about the things they care about. You send a message. It lands in their inbox. It's easy.

2Trust: you have the permission of your audience

Email lists are based on trust.

They are part of what Seth Godin, a leading marketer and author, calls permission marketing:

"Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) to deliver early, personal and relevant messages to the people who actually want to receive them."

When someone gives you their email address, it's a sign that ...

  • Likes your content
  • Is interested in what you do
  • Wants to know more about it

... And they trust you to send them interesting messages that interest them. And, if you can deliver on this, the results can be magnificent:

49% of people want to receive a weekly email from brands they trust.

One in three people will buy something from a brand whose emails they receive. This means you can cultivate a profitable audience of lifetime customers who trust you over your competitors. 

3Ownership - Your audience belongs to you

Your email list is 100% yours. As long as you have permission to contact them, in compliance with the Data Protection Act, no one can take your audience away from you.

This helps your video-on-demand business to be immune from ...

  • Market downturns
  • New marketing trends
  • Failing social platforms

... Because you can always reach and do business with an important part of your audience.

Think of all the people who built up thousands of followers on platforms like MySpace, Vine and Google Plus. As long as the platform existed, they had influence. When it went away, they lost it.

When was the last time you logged on to your Facebook wall?

When you rely on social media as your sole marketing medium, you put yourself at the mercy of the companies that own the platform. And they can change the rules of the game whenever they want.

Email is universal. Nobody owns it. As long as you keep your email database up to date, you have an effective marketing strategy.

4Accessibility: it is a direct line to your customer's favourite device

Email can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. In fact, the most recent studies say that:

  • 61.6% of people access email on their mobile.
  • 27.3% of people access email on their desktop.
  • 11.2% of people access email on their tablet.

This suggests that people use their favourite device to check email, allowing you to use the most optimal way to communicate with them.

Therefore, you only need one email list to communicate with your audience across all platforms. There is no need to optimise your content for each device; you can simply write and hit send. This means your audience will almost certainly see what you've sent or, better yet, get a notification that you've just sent something interesting to their inbox. How do you know?

Because 99% of consumers around the world check their email every day.

5ROI: email marketing offers the best return on investment

The result of all these actions is powerful:

Email marketing offers the best returns of any online marketing channel. Studies show that, for every euro of investment in your mailing list, there is an average return of around 40 euros. 59% of people use email marketing to influence their purchasing decisions.

It has also been shown to be 40 times more effective and cost-efficient than social media marketing, and customers spend 17% more on brands they receive email updates from.

But email marketing doesn't just influence first-time buyers. 80% of professionals say email marketing helps them retain customers - especially useful if you own an on-demand video business! Your current and future video on demand business, then, can benefit from having a powerful email list. Here's how to set up one...

How to create your own email list

Setting up an email list is simple, easy and requires no technical knowledge.

First you will need to sign up with an email list provider, such as:

The price of these services will depend on the size of your audience. Many of them allow you to start for free up to a certain number of subscribers, then you will have to pay a monthly fee.

With these tools you can:

  • Collect email addresses
  • Store them in a database
  • Create marketing emails
  • Communicate with your audience

For example, when someone visits the PLAYBAK blog and signs up with their email address in our BETA version, that email is added directly to our database of email addresses. 

We can then use our favourite tool to create and send email newsletters to thousands of users at once:

When choosing a service, it is important to keep in mind ...

  • Your budget
  • The size of your current audience
  • The size of your target audience
  • Whether it integrates with your website

... To make sure you choose the right tool for your video on demand business.

PLAYBAK is designed to allow you to manage your own list of users, all registrations will be in your power to manage freely.

PLAYBAK is also designed to make it easy for you to create an email list for your video on demand business.

We provide you with access to all the email addresses of your customers from the control panel. You can export them from your admin area and start building your list right away. Unlike other video on demand platforms out there, you don't need to contact customer service to get your customer's email list.

To recap...

Email marketing is a powerful tool. If you're not already using it, it's time to start. Here are the five key factors it offers you:

  • Longevity: the email will be around for a long time.
  • Trust: you have the permission of your audience.
  • Ownership: your email list belongs to you.
  • Accessibility: email is a direct line to your customers.
  • ROI: email provides a high return on investment.

PLAYBAK is optimised to simplify your email marketing. We provide you with the tools, data and integrations you need to build your list and connect with your audience.

If you sign up for the PLAYBAK BETA version, 😊 you will get to know the experience of being a #PlayBaker. 

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