6 Mistakes you can easily avoid in your online make up business


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6 Mistakes you can easily avoid in your online make up business

An online makeup business is one of the most lucrative (and beautiful) businesses that you can have today. 

There are many people who, full of illusion, venture into the world of makeup, but there are also many who do not focus well your business do not get the desired results.

The good part? 

Having an online makeup business is really very simple, as well as rewarding, you just have to know the mistakes that most makeup artists make and avoid them. So simple!

This also gives you an incredible competitive advantage. 

Top 6 Most Common Mistakes in an Online Makeup Business

I'm going to tell you a personal secret: 

For years I have worked as a make-up artist, trained in professional make-up and attended courses and trade fairs. 

Over time, I realised that although every make-up artist's story is unique and personal, the same doubts and mistakes tend to be repeated by most of them. This guide is actually a loving compilation of those common misconceptions and mistakes. 

If you overcome them, your business will rank above 98% of today's online makeup companies: 

1Not knowing your target audience

The world of make-up is very wide, I'm sure you already know that: 

  • We have bridal make-up.
  • Social make-up.
  • Fantasy make-up.
  • Characterisation FX for cinema and theatre.
  • Belly Painting for pregnant women.
  • Thematic make-up for regional parties.
  • Automatic make-up...

Each is a different art form with a totally different target audience. If you have a video-on-demand channel, do you think the same people will want to learn about bridal make-up and FX characterisation?

Most of the time this will not be the case. 

Ideally, focus your online makeup business on one of these topics, whichever one you're best at. Once you have mastered it and have a strong client base, you can expand your business with new courses on other subjects, but only if you wish to do so. 

Based on my experience, there are very few people who master perfectly bridal and fantasy make-up at the same time (just to give an example). You don't have to cover everything if you don't feel comfortable doing it. 

In case you want to cover all types of make-up, remember to go step by step. Master one perfectly first and then move on to the next. 

It is also key to have differentiated courses so that your customers can see only the content they really want to see.

The person who wants to learn Belly Painting for pregnant women doesn't have to be interested in self make-up and vice versa. 

Finally, you can create courses with guest artists if you do not dominate a theme, the more known is your guest makeup artist more juicy will be that course for your potential customers. But remember, step by step!

Reading our social media guide will help you better understand your target audience and create more effective recruitment strategies. 

2See make-up as a hobby and not as a business

This is another of the most common mistakes in an online makeup business and the most serious.

Make-up is a business, it can be very lucrative and we are in the perfect time to start making a living from it. Make-up has never been seen in the light that it is now, at any time in history. 

How to start taking makeup as a business: 

  • Charge for your services (always). 
  • Set a decent price. This will attract customers instead of driving them away, as people tend to believe that services with a high price are of higher quality. 
  • Promote yourself on social media. 
  • Charge for your face-to-face courses. 
  • Monetise without limits thanks to video on demand: This modality consists of creating make-up courses that your clients will pay to watch online. At PLAYBAK we take care of the technical side of your video streaming channel, so that you can just focus on creating great courses and promoting them. 

3Not knowing (AND not wanting to learn) about photography and video

This is another of the most easily avoidable mistakes in an online make-up business. Make-up is visual, it goes in through the eyes. 

However, I'm sure you're familiar with this situation: 

You create a spectacular make-up, the client looks divine and you couldn't feel more proud of your work. Then you take out your mobile phone to take a picture and the joy vanishes completely... What happened?

The make-up doesn't look half as good in the photo as it does in real life!

This is the most common fear of a make-up artist, and absolutely everyone has experienced it more than once.

Video and photography are tricky, and when you get to know them your make-up not only looks just as good as it does in real life, it can look even more fantastic. 

Ideally, you should take some time every day to learn about photography and video, especially as it applies to make-up. Step by step you will create better content, which will increase your motivation and attract new clients. 

In this article we tell you some simple tips to improve the image of your videos, by clicking here you will discover how to improve the audio. Another super important point to make your online makeup courses a success. 

4Not giving enough importance to the online world

In the old days, the make-up business worked by word of mouth, you would do make-up at a wedding and, if the family liked it, you would always do make-up for them and their friends. It was the same when there were patron saint festivals.

Due to the boom of social networks this has changed a lot. The make-up artist who can boast a successful Instagram account now gets most of the jobs, partly because of the halo effect created by internet celebrities. 

On the other hand, the ease of gaining clients is not the only reason to have a strong online presence as a makeup artist.

Online makeup is a business in its own right. Many artists are already monetising their make-up courses through video on demand. 

The great advantage of this way of working is that you only need to record the course once, and sales are unlimited. Remember that at PLAYBAK we are streaming video professionals and we will help you manage your channel. 

5Inadequate time management

In business, proper time management is everything. When your make-up business starts to grow, so will the tasks at hand: 

  • You will need to publish content on demand.
  • Make publications in RRSS to promote it.
  • Accounting tasks.
  • Monitor your objectives.
  • Manage your schedule of tasks, collaborators and clients. 
  • Make up your clients if you continue to perform these services. 
  • Training if new techniques appear.

All this sounds like it will take a long time. What can we do to make it less so? 

  • Delegate, as your business grows it is a good idea to invest some of your income in delegating tasks. 
  • Have a financial advisor professionally advise you on what you can spend and where it would be appropriate to spend it.
  • Use team management tools, such as these
  • Reduce the number of face-to-face meetings to those that are strictly necessary.
  • Change unimportant telephone conversations for emails or WhatsApp messages, this will prevent the conversation from dragging on with irrelevant topics. 

But without a doubt, the most important thing to make the most of your time is not to make the last mistake: 

6Forget about setting targets

Seneca once said: There is no fair wind for those who do not know where they are going.

If you don't know what you want to achieve, how do you know you're doing it right? How do you know you're not just publishing for the sake of publishing? Who's to say you're earning as much as you can earn? 

The ideal when setting goals is to be as specific as possible. Here are some examples: 

  • Get 10,000 followers on your TikTok account in the next 3 months.
  • Create a new video-on-demand course before Christmas. 
  • Increase your streaming video channel revenue by €1,000 in the next 6 weeks. 

It is also very important that the different goals ultimately lead to a higher financial return. All the actions you take in a company do not generate revenue directly, but you should focus on increasing it, even in the long term. 

In conclusion...

If you really want to succeed in your online makeup business, the key is to avoid these 6 mistakes: 

  • Not knowing your target audience
  • Seeing makeup as a hobby and not as a business. 
  • Not knowing (AND not wanting to learn) about photography and video. 
  • Not giving enough importance to the online world.
  • Managing your time inadequately.
  • Forgetting to set goals. 

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