6 Mistakes you can easily avoid in your online yoga business


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6 Mistakes you can easily avoid in your online yoga business

If you are in the online yoga business, you know that your job is not just any job, you are spreading the word about a discipline that transforms people's lives.

Faced with such a mission, it is normal that you want to do things well, earn more money every day and reach more people, because you know that your business really improves the world.

These desires are normal, and the best thing is that they can be achieved, you just have to do things the right way, both in your yoga practice and in the field of online business. 

Below, you will discover the 6 mistakes you can easily avoid in your online yoga business to help you grow faster, and make those dreams come true: 

6 Mistakes you can easily avoid in your online yoga business

1See yoga only as a physical discipline

In the West we know yoga mainly through the practice of Asanas (physical postures). 

However, this is only one part of yoga. The ultimate goal of the practice is the correct knowledge of both ourselves and the creation. 

The word yoga means "union" and refers to the merging of all elements of the human individual (body, mind and spirit) as well as the union of the human with all elements of the universe. 

Generally, most people who come to your online yoga business will want to lead a more active life and improve their figure. For many of your customers this will be enough, but others will want to go deeper, so it is a good idea to teach some yoga beyond the Asanas. This can be something about meditation, mudras, correct lifestyle according to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (the oldest and most important yoga book)....

You don't need to focus your channel on the spiritual part of yoga, but you do need to make the appropriate notes when necessary and, above all, answer the most common questions of your followers. 

What if you just want to teach Asanas and that's it? 

You can do that too, but know that your most committed followers can move on to another yoga channel that does meet their deeper needs.

2Not helping beginners

Usually when we master a practice we tend to forget how difficult it was at the beginning, and this happens to many yoga instructors. 

If you have a video streaming channel about yoga, a large part of your audience will be beginners, people who have never practiced yoga and even the simplest Asanas are difficult for them. 

Let me tell you something: 

I myself am passionate about yoga and although today I dare to do advanced postures, the first day I couldn't do a single one. I searched through many YouTube channels until I found an instructor who really taught beginners well. It took me a long time to find him, but when I did, I didn't want to see anyone else!

How can you help beginners? 

  • Recording videos with the most basic postures, even if they seem simple to you, for beginners they are a challenge. 
  • Make it clear in the title and description that this is a class for beginners. Do the same in your intermediate and advanced videos, so everyone will find the content adapted to their level. 
  • During the practice give little tips on how to do each Asana well. All beginners have doubts about whether they are doing the posture well. 
  • He explains the necessary material before starting. We all don't know what a yoga mat or a yoga block is. 
  • It gives basic information about regular yoga practices, for example, why we end the practice with savasana.
  • Gives solutions to the most common problems: A recurring example is that not everyone has the same joint range to do the postures in the same way, advises people who are less flexible on how to make the most of their practice.

3Forgetting to control your finances

Generally speaking, yoga enthusiasts do not feel the same passion for the world of finance. But whether we like it or not, controlling the financial side of our business is the only thing that will keep us afloat and making more money every day.

Many people dedicated to spiritual practices such as yoga have mixed feelings when it comes to money, as if they somehow don't consider it to be a good thing. 

If this is your case, the first point is to change your mentality, as we have already said that you are not doing just any job, you are changing people's lives and consequently the world. Money is the tool that will help you reach more people, and that will allow you to live with the necessary ease to do it at ease. 

The next thing is to learn something about accounting, but as we know that this is usually time consuming and not much fun, you can hire someone to do it for you. Most companies have someone on staff, and when they start out they often use freelance accountants. Some professionals are also financial advisors and can help you grow much faster. 

4Passing on the promotion

And this point is closely linked to the previous one, many yoga teachers don't advertise themselves because somehow they don't think it's the right thing to do, and this happens in all kinds of businesses.

I will repeat it as many times as necessary: Your work is very important and people will gain a lot when they get to know you. Please don't limit yourself. 

In an online yoga business the best promotion is the one that takes place in the digital world, it is usually done in the following ways:

  • On social media: Both on your own social media and by appearing on influencers' accounts. Here you will find a complete guide to do it right. 
  • Through Paid Media: Paid ads on social networks that reach people who do not yet follow you and have the profile of your target audience. You can also appear in the first results of Google searches with Google Ads. 
  • Thanks to SEO: The techniques you can follow on your blog, video-on-demand channel or YouTube, to appear in searches for free. Learn more about how it works here.  

All these actions require time and money, so it is very important that you measure your results to optimise each action and get more and more results with lower investments. 

This is a whole world and there are companies that are dedicated exclusively to online advertising, if you do not master the subject and prefer to work with professionals the ideal is to contact them. Gosuac Media can help you a lot in this aspect.

5Making videos that are not very dynamic

Although yoga is a relaxing practice and depending on the type of discipline you teach it can be a bit static, that's no excuse for not bringing your videos to life. 

Remember I told you how I spent a lot of time looking for yoga instructors online

Well, during that search I found many teachers, who, although they were great yogis, made videos without much life, so they didn't really capture my attention. 

How can you bring dynamism to your yoga videos? 

While you are doing the Asana, comment on the tips needed to do it well, this way you will help beginners while giving life to the video. 

Another tip is to count the number of breaths in each Asana (usually 5). Not only will you keep the viewer's attention, you will also help them with a fundamental point of yoga that we tend to overlook. 

6Not having clear objectives

And this mistake applies to all types of business, I would even say to all aspects of your life. If you don't know where you're going, how do you know when you've arrived? 

To make the most of your time, every action you take should be focused on a specific objective. For example, your posts on social media should focus on: gaining more followers, building their loyalty, or getting them to subscribe to or buy your paid content. 

Examples of concrete objectives may include the following: 

  • Get 500 followers on Instagram in the next 4 weeks. 
  • Have 10 new clients in that period of time. 
  • Publish a new yoga slimming course in the next two months. 

These are just a few examples, as you will have your own personal items. The only thing we recommend is that in the end your goals always focus on two specific points: 

  1. Increase your income.
  2. Make people's lives better.

If you follow these tips, your online yoga business will only grow. 

In conclusion…

If you want your online yoga business to be a success, you must not make these mistakes:

  1. See yoga only as a physical discipline.
  2. Not helping beginners.
  3. Forgetting to control your finances.
  4. Not promoting it.
  5. Not making dynamic videos.
  6. Not having clear objectives.

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