Discover the top 9 royalty free music websites


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Discover the top 9 royalty free music websites

Finding music for your videos can be a difficult and frustrating task. That's why it's useful to know which websites offer legal music.

Such websites can help you avoid copyright issues, keeping you safe from the wrath of record labels, while adding a touch of quality to your creations!

But how do you know which website is right for your type of content?

Here's a list of the top sites that will help you find the perfect music for your videos and online streaming:

Let's meet them!

1Epidemic Sound 

Epidemic Sound is a website with royalty-free music used by the top content creators in the market. It is one of the most recognised websites for this reason:

  • Its price list offers a monthly and a yearly subscription. Subscriptions are $49/month and $299/year for commercial use. In addition, Epidemic Sound offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Its music library has more than 32,000 tracks and more than 60,000 sound effects.
  • Epidemic Sound is a website with excellent search options, you can search in different ways, according to genre, mood, duration, tempo and voice. I'm sure you'll also love their "Similar Searches" feature that will help you find tracks similar to the ones you like, just like Amazon does with their products.
  • Scope of the licence:
    • Social networks and public sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. (including monetisation)
    • Websites.
    • Unlimited use in digital ads.
    • VOD, online streaming.


On Artlist you will always have new and original music to choose from. In addition, there are absolutely no limitations on channels or monetisation options.  

  • Pricing: there is only an annual subscription plan, at $199.
  • The size of their music library is 18,000 tracks.
  • You can search their catalogue using various filters, including Mood, Video Theme, Genre and Instrument.
  • Licensing coverage: any video project, including monetising videos with VOD.


Audiio is a royalty-free music licensing website with very affordable rates.

  • Pricing: Annual ($199/year). For $299 you can get lifetime access.
  • Music library size: more than 5000 tracks.
  • Navigation: Audiio offers many search functions such as genre, mood, energy, voice (male/female), etc.
  • Scope of license: Any kind of video project, including:
    • YouTube (including monetisation *)
    • Social media
    • Paid advertisements and branded content
    • Feature films / short films
    • TV, VOD and OTT applications, although not all tracks in the Audiio catalogue are approved for YouTube video monetisation. You will see a dollar sign next to tracks approved for YouTube.


SoundStripe is another great music website that allows video creators to use any track in any video project, from personal to online streaming.

  • Pricing: Monthly and yearly subscription from $19/month and $149/year.
  • Music library size: more than 5000 tracks and more than 35000 sound effects.
  • The website offers all kinds of featured playlists and search options to access the most suitable music for your video.
  • You can exclude songs with certain characteristics from their search results.
  • Scope of license: you can use SoundStripe music in different types of video projects on any channel (including VOD). The only restrictions are:
    • Video content containing nudity.
    • Online performance of your music.


The Hooksounds music licensing company is owned by independent artists who offer royalty-free original stock music they have created for their video projects.

  • Pricing: monthly and yearly subscription plans. Prices start at $29/month.
  • Music library size: over 3000 tracks and over 4000 sound effects.
  • As for search options, you have all the filters you would need on a website of this type, genre, mood, duration, etc.
  • Scope of the license:
    • All social media platforms.
    • YouTube monetisation.
    • Commercial use.
    • Behind-the-wall paywall content (VOD, streaming, OTT apps)

6Music Vine

Music Vine offers very flexible opportunities, from individual licences for personal projects to subscriptions for larger productions.

  • Pricing: Music Vine offers pay-per-use and subscription plans.
  • Music library size: around 6,000 tracks.
  • You'll love the minimalistic and functional interface.
  • Its categorisation system is impressive. In addition, there are hundreds of search filters so you can quickly find the perfect track for your video.
  • Scope of license: Music Vine gives creators full control to customise the coverage included in their licenses. You pay only for the coverage you need. VOD platform licensing can be purchased as an add-on to the Pro Standard plan.


PremiumBeat has quite an extensive catalogue of royalty-free music. If you only need a few tracks for your video project, PremiumBeat is probably the website for you. 

  • Pricing: PremiumBeat licensing is project-based. It can cost you between $49 or $199 per track, depending on the license level: Standard or Premium.
  • Library size: over 20,000 tracks.
  • PremiumBeat has different categories by genre. In addition, you can filter by mood, BPM, song length and artist. In PremiumBeat you will also find collections with themes such as energetic intros, workout and meditation music.
  • Scope of license: streaming / online / websites, YouTube and even OTT applications.


Marmoset is a company for the production and use of carefully selected music licenses.

  • Pricing: here you can only license individual tracks, not subscriptions. Licenses for commercial projects are priced higher.
  • It has many search filters to help you find the perfect song for your project. It also has a function that plays random tracks from your music library.
  • Scope of the licence: Marmoset licences are tailored to cover a wide range of video projects and you only pay for what you need in terms of licence coverage. For VOD, you will need to request a customised licence.


The Musicbed website is great for YouTube creators and wedding industry professionals.

  • Pricing: You can license individual tracks or pay a monthly fee and purchase the rights to as many songs as you want. Pricing rates start at $19.99 for personal projects.
  • Size of your music library: around 10000 tracks.
  • Interface is very clean and minimalistic with all the search and filtering options that creators need to find a perfect track for their projects.
  • Scope of licensing: Musicbed's subscription plans are characterised by flexible coverage. If you create videos only for non-commercial projects and YouTube, you can opt for the cheapest rate and be fully covered. However, none of Musicbed's subscription plans cover VOD or OTT distribution.

Having said that, let's summarise ...

All the websites listed in this publication are excellent options for using royalty-free music. The difference between them is in:

  • The size of the music library
  • The scope of the licensing agreement
  • The price tariff

I hope this review has helped you to get an idea of the many possibilities that music websites have on the market and choose the best music for your video projects.

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