How to combine several videos into one (9 quick and easy ways)


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How to combine several videos into one (9 quick and easy ways)

When you record a video, you will probably end up with a lot of smaller files that need to be combined to make a meaningful video. To do this you will need:

  • Split your videos into 3 or 4 sections.
  • Combine clips from different videos with the main video.
  • Create a compilation video (i.e. a summary of the video).
  • Combine other files with your video, such as audio.

Whatever the reason, most of the time you will come across an idea where you want to combine different videos. Sometimes a whole bunch of them.

We're going to show you how you can do this with whatever video editing software you might be using:

Software de edición de video de escritorio:

  1. Shotcut (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  2. iMovie (Mac)
  3. Filmora (Windows & Mac)

Apps (iOS and Android)

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush
  2. Quik
  3. Capcut


  1. VEED
  2. Merge Video
  3. Adobe Spark

You can use any video editing software to combine videos on your PC. To help you out, we've looked at some easy-to-use options that have many features you may need. Let's take a look:

1For Windows: Shotcut

Shotcut is an excellent Windows video editing software. The learning process is a bit tricky, but you have a lot of options with this program and the tool is completely free.

Here's how to combine files with Shotcut:

1º To merge different videos using Shotcut, go to File >> Open File and select a video file from the list.

2º When the video opens, drag it down to your timeline.  

3º To add another video, open another video and drag it to the timeline at the bottom. The border of the second video you are adding should line up with the first clip. It may seem complicated at first, but you'll get the hang of it with use.

4º To save the video, go to File >> Export video.

5º By accessing the file settings, you can modify the video settings, such as video resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, scan mode, and you can find similar options for codec and audio settings.

6º To save this file, click on the Export file button.

Important features:

  • Supports video files, audio and image formats thanks to FFMeg technology.
  • Supports various image formats such as BMP, GIF, PNG, SVG, WebP and more.
  • Supports webcam capture.
  • Supports audio capture.
  • Has colour, text and noise generators.
  • A host of advanced video effects for transitions and overlays.
  • Comprehensive video editing features.

Fees: Shotcut is a free tool with many premium features. Simply go to the download page and download the tool.

2For Mac: iMovie

While Shotcut is also available on Mac, the Mac's native video editor, iMovie, is a much faster option to use.

Here's how to combine files with iMovie on Mac:

1º To add files to your project, go to File >> Import Media.

2º Choose your hard drive and browse for the video files you want to merge.

3º Select a video and click Import Selected.

4º Repeat this for the next file as well.

5º Once you have finished importing these files, you will find them in the My Media section of the software.

6th Click and drag these video files to the timeline.

7º Go to File> Share> File to save these newly combined videos as a single file.

Important features:

  • Supports automated video editing.
  • Supports audio editing.
  • HD and 4K video support.
  • Video colour settings.
  • Trim and rotate video clips.
  • Video stabilisation.
  • Add video effects and transitions.
  • Add speed changes.

Fees: iMovie comes pre-installed with Mac for free.

3Windows and Mac: Filmora

Filmora Wondershare is a desktop tool that you can use to merge videos. You can use this software on both Windows and Mac.

How to combine video clips with Filmora:

1º To use Filmora to combine clips, click the Import button and choose from these options: Import media files, Import a media folder or Load video from camera.

2º Another option is to go to Windows File Explorer to drag and drop files into the User Album. In the User Album, the added files appear as thumbnails.

3º Double-click on any file to preview its contents on the right-hand side.

4º Now drag and drop the videos from the User album to the video track on the timeline. With this option, all video files are merged as one clip without transitions between them. You can add transitions between these clips.

5º To add transitions, go to the Transitions tab at the top. A menu appears where you can choose to apply the transition globally for all files or apply it randomly to a few. There are quite a few options ranging from basic transitions to 3D transitions (spherical, curve, fisheye, cube, ripple and dissolve effects).

6º After that, you have the option to preview the video you just made. Once you are satisfied with the presentation, click on the Export button to save the file and download it. With this, you have the option to save these clips in a single file.

7º Choose any format from the list. You can also export the final file by device and play it on iPhone, iPod or other devices by choosing the image thumbnail.

Important features:

  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • User-friendly interface (UI) that is easy to use.
  • You can add more than 800 effects.

Fees: You can use a free version of Filmora, but that adds a watermark to the videos. You can also pay a monthly fee of $19.99 or an annual fee of $51.99.

Merge video clips on mobile devices. You can have the option to merge multiple video files on Android or iOS phones. If you're new to editors, here are some easy-to-use options.

4Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a great tool for combining videos on mobile devices. Its easy-to-use import and editing features allow you to combine and edit clips the way you want.

In this tutorial, I'll give you a preview of how to merge videos on Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

1º To combine video files, you need to create a new project. Click the Create a new project button or the + button at the bottom of the application.

2º Select videos to open the video folder.

3º Touch the videos you want to combine. When you are done, click Create at the bottom of the screen.

4th Add more video clips by tapping the + button on the video preview page.

5º When you tap Create, the application combines the clips. More options are available to add audio clips, modify transition effects and more.

6º You can see that each clip appears on the timeline. To rearrange them, simply touch and hold a clip and drag it to reposition them.

7º Once you have placed the clips in their preferred order, tap the share button at the top of the screen.

8º On the export page, choose Video Quality Settings and select Export to save the newly merged video clip.

9º You can add two or more videos and save the merged video file to your phone or upload it to Adobe Creative Cloud.

With a subscription, you can start editing the new file immediately.

Important features:

  • The application is very easy to use.
  • You can edit and compress videos and audio files.
  • Use one of the available motion graphics templates.
  • Magnetic timeline.
  • Run multiple tracks.

Fees: The Premiere Rush plan costs $9.99 per month. You have the ability to add unlimited exports and sync across mobile and PC apps and 100GB of cloud storage.


GoPro's Quik app is another useful app for combining video files that is available on Android and iOS devices.

It doesn't have a lot of editing power, but the app is enough to merge multiple video files in one go.

If you want to quickly merge files without editing them, Quik is the only tool you need.

Once you've installed the app, you'll be prompted to connect to GoPro. You can skip that option for the moment and instead continue with the app's setup.

Next, select Media from your phone

Your chosen videos appear on the timeline and you can start combining them. When you're done, click Export to get your files.

Important features:

  • The app supports unlimited import of photos and videos. Import them from your phone or from a camera including DSLR.
  • Every photo you post to the Quik feed will be backed up to the cloud for free.

Fees: Most features are available for free. But if you want to unlock advanced features, it costs $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

6CapCut Video Editor

CapCut Video Editor is a good free app for editing videos on your mobile device. You can share these videos with friends or directly on social media channels. It's easy to use and you can add text and drawings to the videos.

To start combining videos, here's what you need to do:

1º Open the application and click on New project.

2º Choose your first video. Then tap the Add button to add another video. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the number of videos.

3º Play or review the video to verify it.

4º The timeline fills up with all the clips one after the other. You will see it as one continuous video. Click on the timeline to choose and delete any part of it or add transitions.

5º Combine videos online. You can also combine videos in the cloud with web-based tools.

Web-based tools eliminate the need to install clunky software on your phone or PC. They allow you to merge videos in the cloud with as little hassle as possible.


VEED is a fully cloud-based online video editor. You can upload a video file from your desktop, Dropbox, device, YouTube URL or via a Google Drive link. The timeline editor is easy to use and allows you to add multiple video clips that you can cut and trim. You can also add image files or subtitles.

Here's how to combine videos with the tool:

1º Start by clicking on Choose files.

2º Then you can upload your files from your device, Dropbox or record them on location.

3º Arrange the files on the video timeline in the correct order. Use the splitter to trim the borders of the files you add.

4º On the left, you can access a series of options to edit the file. You can keep the original file size or compress it, add a background colour, add different audio, split the file and more.

5º Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the Export button to render and get your newly merged video file.

Important features:

  • Automatically adds subtitles to videos.
  • Translate videos.
  • Add audio and music visualisers.
  • Record videos with your screen recorder.

Fees: There is a free version you can use, but the maximum file upload size is 50 MB. Subscription plans start at $12 per month for the basic plan and $24 per month for the annual plan.

8Merge Video

Merge Video is another cloud-based tool for adding and combining videos.

1º Go to the Merge Video site. Click Choose Files.

2º Choose the videos you want to merge and click Open. The videos will load in a few seconds and then you will get a panel where you can rearrange the files to combine them in the order you see fit.

3º To change the order of the clips, click on one and drag it to a new location. You can also add another file with the Add more files button. Once you are satisfied, choose a video format and click Merge. You also have the option to change the file format of the video.

4º Next, you will see a download button. Click the Download button to get the finished video.

Important features:

  • An easy to use web application for combining video files.
  • No advanced editing involved.

Fees: Free

9Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the latest cloud-based tool we recommend for merging video files. It offers more features (such as editing) than Merge Video, but it takes longer to merge different video clips.

This is a great tool if you want to merge and edit your videos. But the free version marks your videos with the Adobe logo.

Here's how to use it:

1º To merge videos, go to and click the Create New button at the top of the screen.

2º Select Video, add a title and click Start from scratch.

3º Once in the editor, click on Video to upload the video file.

4th Choose a video file and click Open. You can access the video in the screen below. The control below the video allows you to choose the amount of video you want to import. If you want to import the entire video, you must select the entire timeline with the control.

Repeat the same process to add one more video. You can rearrange the clips and click and drag the slides to a new position. Click Download at the top of the screen to get the new file.

Important features:

  • You get a selection of brand templates.
  • You can collaborate with others on the platform.
  • Customise your project.
  • On the premium plan, you can remove the Adobe watermark.

Fees: Adobe Spark has three plans: Starter, Individual and Team. The first two plans are free, while the Team plan costs $19.90/month paid annually.

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