How to create an effective sales page for your on-demand videos and multiply your revenues


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How to create an effective sales page for your on-demand videos and multiply your revenues

The sales page of your on demand videos is the section of your website that presents your audiovisual content. It introduces your channel, its benefits and tries to convince the user to subscribe. It is also known as a landing page.  

So far so good, but can it be done in any way? Do all sales pages convert in the same way? Are there techniques to increase subscribers? 

Selling on the internet is an art and as such, it requires technique. The good news is that when you master the technique, the results are always positive.

Today you will discover how to create an effective sales page with PLAYBAK for your on-demand videos. We'll tell you everything you need to get it right and convert more leads into subscribers:

How to create an effective sales page for your on-demand videos:

1Show the benefits of your on-demand videos as soon as possible

The key to a successful sales page is that the user quickly learns about your on-demand videos, how they benefit them and how to purchase them. This is best understood with an example: 

If you are a fitness trainer and you have a video streaming channel about physical exercise, it should be clear what kind of gym you teach and what the benefits are. 

Is your exercise plan focused on losing weight, gaining flexibility, or do you have a special one for pregnant women? 

All of this should be clear on your sales page. 

How can you be clearer on your PLAYBAK landing page? 

Create a short and concise slogan explaining what you do: When a user visits your PLAYBAK sales page the first thing they will see is your slogan. This should explain in a few words what your video on demand channel is about, following the example of the fitness channel it could be "Get fit without leaving home". Some examples for other themes are "Learn how to apply make-up and boost your self-esteem" or "Photoshop from 0 to 100 with simple courses".  

With this you have taken the first step, you have told the user how your on-demand video channel benefits them and you have a good chance that they will continue on to your sales page. 

The next step is to make it clear how each of your on-demand videos helps them to want to buy them:  

PLAYBAK will give you the opportunity to put a specific name for each product. While many people write the name of the video content, you can uncheck yourself if the title consists of: content + benefit.  

Let's take another example to understand it better. 

Imagine you have a basic glute exercise course. A usual name would be basic glute exercise course. Which is great, but you can improve it by adding the benefit, for example: Exercise course to increase buttocks in one month.

This copywriting technique works just as well for gaining subscribers on PLAYBAK as it does on YouTube (remember that a YouTube channel can help you increase your video-on-demand subscribers)

2Earn customer trust with your sales page

For someone to subscribe to your video-on-demand channel, they must trust you, see you as an expert and know that you can help them.

How do you demonstrate trust on a sales page? 

With your own photos: Where you are performing the course content or teaching your students. Generic images taken from the internet are not recommended on a sales page. 

Introducing yourself and your team: In an "About me" section that tells the world who you are. If you have lived a story of overcoming obstacles to get to where you are today, it is great to tell it. The user will identify with your past version and will be excited thinking that they can become like you. If you work in a team, present all the members of the team to transmit professionalism. 

Adding contact information: Maybe the user has doubts and prefers to ask before subscribing. Including the phone number on your landing page shows that you care about the customer. In PLAYBAK you have the option to add it and it will appear at the top of the page, so all your potential customers will see it right away. 

3Add testimonials of your on-demand videos on the sales page

If you've ever shopped on Amazon your eyes will have wandered to the "Customer Reviews" section almost without realising it. 

And that's because people are based on the premise that "If everyone else does it, it must be good". 

The more positive reviews a product has, the more likely it is to make sales in the future. Including testimonials on your landing page can make the difference between the user subscribing or not.

What makes a good testimonial for your sales page? 

  • Short: Between 100 and 200 words is enough, otherwise few will read to the end.
  • Credible: If you are a personal trainer, for example, the physical changes that your clients tell you about must be true.
  • To the point: The user will tell how your course helped them in a short and concise way.
  • Include different profiles: For a testimonial to be convincing, the reader must identify with the person telling the story. If you have different types of clients, include a testimonial for each of them.

4Drive attention to what you want to sell with neuromarketing

There are design techniques that bring attention to the point you want. 

These neuromarketing techniques target the consumer's unconscious and are much more common than you might think. Have you noticed that promotional products are on the most visual shelves in the supermarket?

These same techniques can be applied to the online world:

  • Highlight the membership you want to sell:

In PLAYBAK you can create different memberships, with simple boxes where you can include description, price and buy button. Leaving all the memberships in the same colour and highlighting the one you want to sell the most in an eye-catching colour will focus attention on it. 

  • Play with the contrast effect

Another tip to increase sales of your star membership is to create two with a similar price, one of which will offer more benefits than the other for a low mark-up, making it look like a great offer.

An offline example is the low price difference in perfume packaging. The large size usually brings much more quantity than the medium size for a low price difference, consequently the large size looks like a fantastic opportunity to us. 

  • Use eye-catching thumbnails in videos 

The thumbnail is the still image that appears in a video before you press play, the most eye-catching ones get the most clicks on all video portals. 

  • Emphasise the videos or courses you want to sell: 

If you want a course to sell more than the others, mark it with the label "New", "Top sellers" or "Discounted" (among others). 

A coloured band will appear above the video, which will draw attention to it. 

We recommend placing the "Top Sellers" label only on on-demand videos that really sell well, honesty is the basis of business and your own emotional wellbeing. 

  • What colours should I use to highlight my on-demand videos and memberships? 

Some people think that green is perfect or that red is the ultimate colour... Our advice is to carry out A - B tests, highlighting your star membership in one colour for 15 days, and in another for another 15 days. Then measure the results and see which one closes more sales.

5Insert a video ad on your sales page for your on-demand videos

This is especially recommended in PLAYBAK, as it allows you to insert a video that the user can watch for free on your sales page:


  • Show the quality of your E-learning videos, if the quality of the advert is high you will have gained the trust of the client. 
  • Create curiosity: If the user sees a glimpse of what you offer, he/she is more likely to want to see the rest because of the curiosity factor.
  • You can include video testimonials. Remember to include different profiles so that all your target audience can identify with at least one of them.

What makes a good video ad for your on-demand videos? 

  • Short: The more concise and to the point the better. 
  • Show a small part of what you do. 
  • Show the benefits your customers have already obtained. 
  • Include a call to action: Ask the user to subscribe and explain how to do it easily. 
  • Is of high quality: People will assume the quality of your E-learning courses based on the advertisement. 

6Drive traffic to your sales page with these professional (AND easy) techniques

You can have the best sales page in the world but if you don't get traffic you won't gain subscribers.

At first it may seem difficult to get people to land on your landing page, but by following the right techniques you will get traffic month after month, much of that traffic will convert into subscribers if they find your sales page enticing: 

How do I drive traffic to my video on demand sales page? 

  • From your social networks: In our Social Media guide we explain how to do it step by step, you will get there by CLICKING HERE.
  • Positioning your sales page in search engines: Using the SEO techniques we learned HERE.

With paid advertising: You can insert ads for your video streaming channel on Google Ads, YouTube and social networks. If the user clicks on these ads, they will be taken directly to your sales page.

Join PLAYBAK by registering in the BETA version, be one of the first 50 to join and do it for free. Become a #Playbaker and get traffic today.