How to create content for your online fitness community


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How to create content for your online fitness community

Would you like to know what type of content most appeals to online fitness users?

1When it comes to online fitness, the most attractive content is ...


It is widely accepted that the most engaging content in the fitness community is the sum of video-on-demand (VOD) and live streaming.

Since every situation is different, offering different ways for your audience to consume content is key.

Industry experts agree that offering varied content, live streaming and VOD is great for reach. After all, most people are looking to exercise at home right now, whether the pandemic is over or not.

Short workouts work best in online fitness communities. Workouts of 30 minutes or less with everyone working from home; being teachers, parents and all sorts of other things, is something that has taken hold.

Having a shorter workout allows your audience to reach their fitness goals. In fact, the sweet spot for short workouts is 10-30 minutes.

It is recommended that when offering your online fitness class you include modifications to your regular workout. Just like in real life, everyone is at a different fitness level in your online class. So be sure to add variations to all your online fitness routines.

You can also offer your clients additional modifications as a supplement or a variation of the content you have already recorded.

People are rushing to workouts due to busy schedules and are looking for specific workouts.

Be explicit in your fitness class workout descriptions!

Make sure to include workout information such as type (strength, cardio, stretching, etc.), length, target body type, trainer information... The more information, the better.

2The importance and difference between on-demand and live streaming for online fitness ...


Sometimes it's okay to offer both in your fitness plan!

Before we go there, let's make sure you understand the difference between video on demand (VOD) content and live streaming:

  • Video on demand, or VOD, is any video you can watch at the touch of a button. Think Netflix: watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it.
  • Live streaming: Stream your video content live, in real time, and interact with your audience. Live streaming is generally used for content such as news, events, time-sensitive material or even just for the sheer enjoyment of engaging with your followers.

There are other differences between VOD and live streaming and how you can benefit from using both at the same time.

The bottom line is that the combination of video on demand and live streaming is key to generating revenue.

It is much easier to scale when you can activate the chat in the last 5-10 minutes of the training and let people interact.

That's why PLAYBAK incorporates the live streaming feature, to offer video on demand and live streaming. This has helped our clients increase engagement with their virtual fitness communities because it integrates the ability to host both concepts.

It's all about engagement! And being able to communicate with a supportive community is what people are looking for.

Viewers have conversations that help them stay connected. And that brings them back to the next class (after telling 3 friends on Facebook, right?).

It's so important for users to share comments during the class. Seeing messages like "we miss you" from students is encouraging for both coaches and students. They can then continue the conversation on Facebook groups or other platforms.

3Using a monetisation model that works for your online fitness community...

The key here is to find the right monetisation model for you.

Whether you're streaming live or offering on-demand video, you want to be able to monetise for maximum growth potential.

So how do you know which monetisation model is right for your content?

Are you using this strategy as a retention tool for those members who have been loyal and are still paying their dues, or are you using it as a value-added service?

It is advisable to increase your monthly fees slightly while offering new content. If you add new content to your catalogue on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it can be a value-added service.

Some trainers are working with more expensive subscriptions to offer more content and increase prices.

Obviously quantity is king at the moment.

All fitness experts argue that having a lot of content is more important than anything else at the moment.

Once you stream live, this content is permanently available as VOD. The VOD catalogue is always available and always much more meaningful than live. 

Content is king, and if you are going to grow your video library, you will need a simple yet powerful platform to upload your video content.

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