How to increase the viewership of your live broadcasts and get more out of live streaming


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How to increase the viewership of your live broadcasts and get more out of live streaming

Increasing the viewership of your live streams requires strategy and planning. Can it be done? Of course it can! 

And it's very simple, you just need to know the right steps to make people aware of your live streams, and want to be present at your next live stream because their curiosity won't allow them to do otherwise. 

How to increase the viewership of your live streams

At PLAYBAK we know that the advantages of increasing the viewership of your live streams and getting more out of live streaming are obvious, so today we want to get to the point, so you can get started as soon as possible. Without further ado, let's get to tip number 1: 

Important: These tips to increase the viewers of your live streams are equally effective for free and paid broadcasts. 

1Promote your live streaming weeks in advance

I want you to visualise your favourite contemporary artist, it doesn't matter what it is, it just has to be live. 

Imagine that today he gets up on the right foot and decides to go live on Instagram, he's so happy that it's the best live performance of his life, it's unbeatable and his fans are still engrossed by what they've just seen. 

However, you, today, as it seemed like a normal day, didn't stop at home and didn't realise that your favourite star was live giving it his all. Of course, as soon as you found out, your rage kicked in. 

Now tell me: 

Did you miss that iconic live stream because you didn't want to watch it or because you didn't know it was going to be broadcast? 

If you had known, you wouldn't have hesitated for a second to watch it, would you? 

Well, the same can happen to your followers. 

Maybe you are not yet a star of the calibre of the celebrity you have imagined (or maybe you are, besides, that potential is latent within you whether you know it or not), what is a reality is that, if you have followers, many of them will want to see your live streaming and they need to know the exact date and time to organise their day and be able to see it. 

For this, the ideal thing to do is to announce it beforehand on your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... In short, all the ones you have. 

On the other hand, we don't recommend you to promote your live streaming only once, as again, some of your followers may miss the announcement. Ideally, you should comment on it several times and repeat it more frequently as the broadcast date approaches.  

If you need more tips on how to get the most out of your social media, you'll love our Social Media Guide to drive traffic to your streaming video channel

2Turn your live streams into on-demand videos

Virtually all live streaming platforms allow you to save live streams for a limited or unlimited period of time. PLAYBAK is one of them. 

Live Streaming helps you connect with your audience in a deeper way, allows you to interact live and creates a powerful curiosity. In addition, there are certain circumstances that only allow us to record live streams and not video on demand, such as live events. 

On the other hand, live streaming also has a very noticeable disadvantage: 

The user must be free for the entire duration of the broadcast. 

If he or she is working, has an unforeseen event or simply has other plans, he or she will miss it!

The only way to keep him as a viewer is to leave your live stream recorded, so that it becomes a video on demand (which the user can watch whenever he wants) for as long as you decide. Whether or not your live stream will be uploaded for later viewing is an important point to clarify during the promotion. 

3Invest in quality equipment for live broadcasts

When you record a video on demand the result can be acceptable, when you record a live performance it has to be perfect. 

This sentence sounds very blunt, but it's the truth. Why? 

A video on demand allows you to re-record the shots you need and run the whole video through an editing program that will modify the image and audio if there is a setback. In case the mishap is important enough to mess up the whole video, it doesn't matter, you can re-record it!

In live streaming there are no second chances, if something goes wrong it's over. A few seconds of blurry video or non-existent sound and your viewers will run away.

To gain the necessary confidence and make sure everything will work perfectly, you will need professional video and image recording equipment. Yes, but you're taking a risk. 

In this article we tell you everything you need to get your career in the audiovisual world off to a good start. Before you buy, remember that if you dare to go live streaming, you need top-quality equipment:   

4Use catchy titles and descriptions

Live streams usually have a title and a description that informs the user about the topics you are going to cover. 

Both the title and the description should be powerful. To strike a chord with the viewer, you need to know what their concerns are and make it clear that your live stream is going to be about them. If you want the viewer to feel that you are engaged with them, it is important that you use words and terms that they use on a daily basis. 

Catchy titles and descriptions are important at all stages of the live stream: They should be present in the promotion, during the live stream and remain fixed for as long as the live stream remains on the platform. 

Optimising titles and descriptions for SEO will also help you increase the viewership of your live streams. Learn more about this discipline by CLICKING HERE.

5Dare to give it all you've got in your live broadcasts

One thing should be clear, you are going to make mistakes in your first live broadcasts and that's OK. I encourage you to watch them once they are finished to find out what you can improve and polish those little mistakes for the next one.

However, this should not discourage you, your goal when you get in front of the camera to record a live stream is to have a great time and do your best, without skimping on your efforts.

Why do you have to give your all in every live stream? 

Because it's the only way to make your viewers want to watch the next one. Think about it, when you like an episode of a series, you can't help but watch the next one, and then the next one, and so on and so forth. If the series is "no fun", you won't care about the adventures of the main characters in the next episodes. 

When you do it right, you already have a good following for your next live stream, which will be even better because you will have learned new things, and will bring you even more viewers for your next live stream.

If you put all your passion into your live streams, you will have a guaranteed portfolio of viewers that will only grow. 

Oh, I forgot, positive emotions are transmitted, so enjoy letting them out! 

6Reply to live comments

One of the most important advantages of live streaming is that it allows your audience to comment live, and you can see the comments through the screen.

Users are very excited to see them, because if they follow you it is because in some way they consider you to be very big. 

Thanking them for the nicest live comments or answering some general questions will help you get more viewers on your live streams. Keep in mind that many people will comment because they will be thrilled to be named by you.

When you answer questions, many viewers are encouraged to send you theirs, and they will do so on this and future broadcasts. 

If you have a video-on-demand training channel, it can be a great idea to do live broadcasts with the aim of answering questions. If you do this on a regular basis and report it on your social media, you can achieve remarkable success sooner than you think. We already inform you that not everyone does that, so it will be a great added value on your part.

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