How to use coupons to gain subscribers on your streaming video channel


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How to use coupons to gain subscribers on your streaming video channel

A good coupon strategy can multiply the subscribers of your video streaming channel. However, you need to know how to do it, because you can't just create the code and go to sleep. 

If only it were that easy!

In this article you will find out what coupons are and how they work in the world of video streaming, what types you can create and how to reach more potential customers.

It may not be as easy as sitting back and relaxing, but of course, when you know the technique, everything becomes a lot easier: 

Let's see how to use coupons to gain followers on your streaming video channel:  

What are coupons and how do they help you gain subscribers to your streaming video channel?

In the video-on-demand industry (and in online shopping in general), vouchers are private codes that the user enters in the box provided before confirming the subscription. 

By including the coupon code, a discount or free gift will be added.

This incentivises sales because it reduces the risk of purchase (if the price is lower, the loss in case we do not like it is lower) and increases the feeling of exclusivity, as the user with a coupon enjoys more benefits than the user without a coupon.

How do coupons work in the streaming video world?

In the streaming video sector, coupons are usually created by the owner of the channel, in his or her private area. Once the code has been created, he or she will send it to the people he or she considers, through different types of promotion that you will discover below. 

When the people who have the coupon include the code when subscribing, they get the advantages that the creator has chosen for that coupon. 

Let's take an example: 

Imagine you have a streaming video channel on PLAYBAK that is all about fitness, the standard monthly subscription is priced at €49.95.

Now you log in to your private PLAYBAK panel and create a €10.00 discount coupon to incentivise subscriptions in January, because that's when most people are motivated to lose weight. For the coupon you choose the name: "AÑONUEVOFIT".  

Now that you have created the code, you promote it on your social networks, so that your followers can benefit from it. Well, it turns out that your followers love the idea, and many of them go running to your channel to subscribe. 

When they subscribe, they will have to fill in a series of details (as with any online purchase) and they will also be given the option to enter the coupon in a section set up for this purpose. When these followers enter the word "AÑONUEVOFIT", €10.00 will be automatically deducted from the final price, so their first subscription will only cost €39.95.  

This coupon will also only be valid during the month of January, as coupons usually have a limited period of use so that our potential customers subscribe as soon as possible. 

What types of coupons can we create for our streaming video channel?

Although in the example above we have seen a discount coupon, not all coupons result in a price reduction. Let's look at the different types of coupons you can create for your streaming video channel: 

  • Discount coupons: These are a reduction in the final price (they are the example we have just seen). 
  • 2x1 coupons: The most common would be two months of subscription for the price of one, but they can also be 2x3, 3x5... or the modality you choose.
  • Gift vouchers: When you have a streaming video channel, your followers can subscribe to watch all your content, or they can pay to watch a video or a series of specific classes, with restricted access to everything else. To incentivise these types of sales you can offer a coupon offering an additional video. For example: if you have a series of fitness videos for pregnant women, you can create a coupon where they can also get an exclusive postpartum fitness video.

How to use coupons to gain subscribers on your streaming video channel

We have just seen the technical part of how to use discount coupons to gain subscribers on your video streaming channel. You already know what they are, what they consist of and how to create them. 

However, if you want to get the most out of them, you need to know how to promote them, how to get them to the right people and most importantly, how to get them to want to use them.

1Create exclusive coupons for influencers

This does not mean that the coupon will only be used by that influencer, but that the influencer promotes your coupon on their social networks.

This is a technique widely used by large companies in all sectors, and consists of the following: 

The first thing is to look for influencers related to your sector, following the example of fitness they can be accounts focused on exercise, personal care or lifestyle. 

Then, you can write to these accounts offering a collaboration in which you give away your courses or access to your channel to that influencer, in exchange for them talking about you on their social networks. In this collaboration you also indicate that you want to create an exclusive coupon for their followers to get a discount. 

If the person accepts, the collaboration will be carried out, and thanks to the code you will also know how many subscribers you get thanks to each influencer. Ideally, you should create a different code for each person you collaborate with. 

Depending on the level of influence of each account, many collaborators will ask for an economic payment, which you should consider if you believe that this person can bring you a considerable number of subscribers. 

2Promote your vouchers on your social networks

When you have a video-on-demand channel, the best way to promote it is on your own social networks, and of course, discount coupons can also be advertised on them. 

This also creates a very special connection with your followers, as they will feel that you are taking them into account by offering something that is not available to those who don't follow you. 

You can share your coupons through posts, stories, short blog posts, YouTube videos... These coupons can be active for an unlimited period of time. In addition to incentivising sales, it is a great way to know how many people reach your channel through social media, so you can better calculate the success you are getting through this channel. 

If you want to get more out of your social media, we recommend you read our ultimate social media guide to drive more traffic to your video streaming channel.

3Send exclusive coupons through your newsletter

The newsletter is the email message you send to those who have given you permission to receive it. It is an even more intimate method of contact than social media, and anyone who subscribes to your newsletter is because they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. 

You decide how often you send the newsletter to your subscribers, and ideally it should not always be about discounts or commercial information, but should be a way to tell more personal anecdotes (related to your sector and of interest to the public) or give exclusive tips. This way, you ensure that more users will open it and look forward to it with excitement. 

It's a good idea that the coupons offered through the newsletter are juicier than the ones they find elsewhere, because as we have said, this is the most intimate contact channel with your subscribers! That doesn't happen every day. 

Some examples might be bigger discounts or freebies that they can't get any other way. You can comment on your social media channels that by subscribing they will get these great benefits, thus incentivising both the newsletter subscription and the channel. 

When you have an exclusive coupon for the newsletter you can also easily monitor how many people subscribe to your video streaming channel thanks to it. 

4Include your vouchers on official discount websites and apps

On the web there are countless websites and applications dedicated exclusively to offering discount coupons to users. On these websites you will find promotions for almost every brand you can imagine, and especially the biggest ones. 

Some very famous examples are Chollometro, Picodi or Groupon, of course there are many others and we can't tell you which one is best for you because each case is unique, and each of these companies work with different policies. 

The ideal is to contact those discount sites that you like the most and negotiate the necessary requirements for them to promote your coupons. Remember that if the coupons are exclusive codes on each one, you will be able to better monitor what you get from each site, thus gaining control.

5Advertise coupons on your streaming video channel

Although we could have included this section in point 2, we have preferred to explain it separately, as advertising on the internet can be done inside and outside social networks.

In the online world there is what we call Paid Media, which are paid advertisements that appear in Google searches, as well as in the different social networks: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook...

Google ads are known as Google Ads, and can appear in searches or within web pages as banners (Google Adsense). Advertising on social media is usually shown as another post on the user's wall; on YouTube it appears as a conventional ad at the beginning or in the middle of a video. 

Depending on the type of video streaming channel you work with and your target audience, one social network or another will be more suitable for you. In general, the price of Paid Media is based on the number of people who see your ad, so the control is very high and the profitability is one of the highest we can currently find. 

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