Paid Media to promote your streaming video channel Yes or no?


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Paid Media to promote your streaming video channel Yes or no?

Investing in a Paid Media strategy to promote your streaming video channel seems like a surefire formula for success. 

Many online marketing agencies are calling paid ads the only way to reach more people in 2022, but what's the truth? 

What's the truth in all this? 

What is Paid Media really about? Is it for everyone? And, most importantly, is it really effective for growing my streaming video channel? 

At PLAYBAK we know that promotion is very important for our creators, that's why we want to tell you everything you need to know about Paid Media to promote your streaming video channel, so that, after reading, you know exactly if it's for you or not.

1What is Paid Media? 

Paid Media literally means "Paid Media" and refers to paying various online media to appear in them. 

However, when we talk about Paid Media we are not talking about advertising in a newspaper or a digital magazine, managing that kind of advertising is very different from doing the same with Paid Media.

When we advertise on Paid Media we usually use the following platforms: 

Platforms that allow Paid Media ads: 

  • Google: Either by appearing in the first search results or by means of banners on websites and blogs enabled for this purpose (known as Google Adsense).
  • YouTube: As a video advertisement. 
  • RRSS: Your paid publications will appear integrated in the wall of users who may be interested in your channel. Some of the most common are TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

How Paid Media works, a quick look at the right way of doing things

Although in this article we can't tell you in detail how a successful Paid Media campaign works (because it would take hundreds and hundreds of lines), we can briefly explain what this discipline consists of, so you can get a better idea of whether Paid Media is for you. 

Of course, if this article is successful we will publish a complete Paid Media guide for your streaming video channel, as we already did with our Social Media Guide and SEO guide

That said, let's explain how Paid Media (For Beginners) works. 

To run Paid Media campaigns the first step is to open an account on the platform where you want to advertise. If you want your ads to appear on Google or YouTube you need a Google Ads account. 

Choosing the right platform for you will depend on your target audience. In general, it is usually a good idea to combine ads on Google with advertising on a social network. 

Next, you need to define your goals:

What do you want to achieve with this Paid Media campaign? Do you want them to subscribe directly to your channel, follow you on social media, download a free product to find out what you have to offer and get their mouths watering? 

If you want them to subscribe to your social networks, Paid Media publications will lead directly to your accounts, or they will have a button for them to subscribe. 

In case you want to take them to an external website, you will have to prepare a seductive sales page, so that the user wants to perform the indicated action: Subscribe, give you their email in exchange for downloading an infoproduct, sign up for your free class... In THIS LINK you will discover how to create an effective sales page. 

This type of actions that consist of several steps from the moment the user gets to know you until they buy your products are known as inbound marketing. 

Paid Media campaigns usually charge by number of views (CPM) or each time the user clicks on the link of your ad (CPC), resulting in the most economical advertising medium of all time. 

Another advantage is that you select the characteristics of the users who will see your ads, so they will always be your potential customers, increasing your chances of success. 

2Advantages of using Paid Media in your streaming video channel

  • Immediate results: If we want to appear in the first results on Google or reach hundreds of people on social media, we can achieve this, but it takes time. With paid ads we will reach hundreds or thousands of people instantly, reducing the time and effort spent. Of course, the ideal is to combine a good Paid Media strategy with an excellent organic traffic plan.
  • Ease of ad creation: The tools needed to create your ads are usually free or at a very low cost.
  • Advertising is very affordable: In addition, you can choose between CPC (Cost per click) when you want the user to perform a specific action, or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) when you are looking for more people to know you. CPC ads do not have a cost per view, so it helps you to reinforce the exposure effect of your brand completely free.
  • Measurable campaigns: All Paid Media management platforms show detailed results that indicate what's working and what's not. Optimising your campaigns has never been easier.
  • 100% optimised: Before launching a Paid Media campaign you will be able to select in detail the characteristics of the people who will see it: Tastes, age, income level... So you will easily reach your potential customers, without bothering those who are not interested in your business.
  • Retention strategies: You can create ads that are only shown to people who have already interacted with your video streaming channel. This allows you to stay in their mind at all times, and make sure they know about your new releases. All in an automated way. 

3Paid Media to promote your streaming video channel Yes or no?

Once we know about Paid Media and its advantages we may think that it is for everyone and that the sooner we start the better, isn't it? 

The answer is, not quite, Paid Media has many benefits for your streaming video channel, however it may not be the time to start using it yet. Let's see if it's for you: 

When NOT to use Paid Media to promote your streaming video channel

Paid Media is STILL not for you if you...

  • You have no defined objectives.
  • You don't have an effective sales page to redirect the user to.
  • You don't offer any paid products that can provide a good return on investment. 
  • Your streaming video channel does not yet have enough content to be attractive. 
  • You don't know how to create effective ads.
  • Your online business does not yet offer enough profit to reinvest in advertising (and you have no other source of income).  
  • You don't have a clear inbound marketing strategy. 
  • Your free time is lacking and you don't have the necessary hours to monitor and optimise campaigns.

As you have just seen, these impediments are temporary. 

If your biggest obstacle to investing in paid media is lack of time or knowledge, you can hire a freelance professional or an online marketing agency like Gosuac Media to manage your campaigns for you. Working with professionals who have already achieved good results with other clients is a great guarantee that your project can also be successful. 

When you SHOULD be using Paid Media to promote your streaming video channel

  • Your streaming video channel already has enough videos to be attractive to the public. 
  • You have launched a very seductive offer that you want to present to hundreds of people. 
  • You have just published a new video or course that may be of interest to your previous customers. 
  • You have an effective sales page to redirect the user.
  • Your social media channels offer enough quality content.
  • Your video streaming channel generates enough profit to reinvest a part of it in advertising.
  • You know exactly what you want to achieve with your Paid Media campaign.
  • You have the necessary skills or qualified professionals to manage your campaigns. 
  • You know how to create effective ads or you have great professionals who can do it for you. 
  • You want to start promoting your streaming video channel, but you don't want to spend too much. You need an advertising medium that is inexpensive and at the same time very effective. 
  • You have a strong commitment to your streaming video channel and you know that its potential for success is huge. 
  • The excitement you feel to see your business grow is incomparable to any other emotion, you wake up every day in high spirits and you just want to give your best to your customers. 

In short:

Paid Media is a very effective strategy to promote your streaming video channel, all you need is enough content to make the user want to subscribe and some basic knowledge about the digital world. As your income increases (or if you already have income from other sources) you can hire online marketing professionals to take care of everything for you. 

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