The Complete 2022 Guide to Making Your Live Streaming Videos a Success


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Live Streaming: The Complete 2022 Guide to Making Your Live Streaming Videos a Success

  • ¿What is Live Streaming? 
    • What is the difference between Live and Streaming? 
    • What are the types of Streaming? 
  • Why is Live Streaming trending? 
    • The origins of Live Streaming.
    • Advantages of Live Streaming for you as a content creator.
  • Live Streaming: The complete 2022 guide to making your live videos a success.
    • 1- Plan your Live Streaming.
    • 2- Choose the right live streaming platform.
    • 3- Get a quality team.
    • 4- Encourage interaction with your audience.
    • 5- Promote your Live Streaming.
      • How to promote your Live Streaming to your followers.
      • How to reach a new audience with your Live Streaming.
    • 6- It measures results.

Live Streaming will be an absolute trend in 2022, if you want to succeed with your video on demand channel, mastering it will be key this year. If you don't know it yet or don't know how to take advantage of it, don't panic! You are about to learn all about Live Streaming. 

Our first tip: Save this guide in your favourites so you can refer to it whenever you need to. 

What is Live Streaming? 

If you are familiar with platforms such as Netflix or Disney Plus, you have already consumed streaming content, perhaps without knowing it, as this is the way these portals work. Streaming consists of consuming audiovisual content through a computer network, without the need to download it. When you watch your favourite film on one of these big platforms, you are consuming streaming content. 

Live Streaming is exactly the same, except that the content is broadcast live. If you make a video in Live Streaming (also known as live broadcasting) your viewers will see you in real time, making for more spontaneous broadcasts that connect you with your audience on a deeper level.  

If there is a connection problem on the part of the broadcaster or the receiver, the latter will miss some of the content, so having a good internet connection is key to enjoying Live Streaming to the fullest. 

What is the difference between live and streaming? 

Both contents are consumed directly from the network without the need for downloading. However, conventional streaming or "Streaming on demand" is pre-recorded, whereas Live Streaming is live content. 

A live stream cannot be rewound, paused or fast-forwarded, whereas with streaming we can do all of these things. On the other hand, Live Streaming can only be watched again if the broadcaster leaves it "uploaded" on a platform. Usually it is left hanging for a limited period of time. 

What are the types of streaming? 

  • On-demand Streaming: The content is previously recorded and uploaded to a platform such as PLAYBAK so that the user can consume it whenever they wish. 
  • Live Streaming: These are live broadcasts, also carried out on platforms such as PLAYBAK, and the receiver sees the broadcaster in real time. It can only be seen once the live broadcast is finished if the broadcaster leaves it published. 

Why Live Streaming is trending (And why you should get on board) 

To better understand why Live Streaming is the present of content, we must go back to the incredible figures it achieved at its origin and, of course, to the multiple advantages it has for you and your company: 

The origins of Live Streaming and its meteoric rise 

Although the first live broadcast took place in Silicon Valley in 1993, the trend did not take off until today, because the quality of broadband did not allow for great results. In 1994, the Rolling Stones were already encouraged by this technology. 

In 2011, the first large-scale live broadcast was launched. It was broadcast on YouTube to show the royal wedding between Catherine Middleton and Prince William of England, reaching millions of people. 

In 2012, the second most successful Live Streaming of all time took place, at least to date. The live stream showed the record-breaking skydive in real time, placing a camera on skydiver Felix Baumgartnet's suit and on the balloon that lifted him to 38,000 metres, where he would parachute in front of millions of people. This Live Streaming reached ⅙ of all internet users. 

Although Live Streaming has only grown since then, it was in 2020 that Live Streaming experienced its most explosive rise, increasing by 21% globally between Q3 2020 and Q3 2021. 

On top of this, 15% of 18-24 year olds watch live streams several times a day, and 44% of Live Streaming viewers claim to watch much less TV since Streaming landed in their lives. 

To find out more, read our article: Why video on demand is the future of audiovisual content (The numbers speak)

Advantages of Live Streaming for you as a content creator:

  • Humanise your brand: Live, you don't get to edit, you don't get to think too much, so it's just you. This is perceived by the audience and creates a very powerful sense of connection. 
  • Greater engagement from your audience: To watch a live show your followers must log in at a specific time, otherwise they will miss it. This makes your audience more and more engaged with you. 
  • It allows your followers to interact: In Live Streaming it is common for viewers to comment, you will be able to see their comments in real time and many times they will start conversations with each other, thus reinforcing the sense of community. 
  • It increases the time spent on your website: This is very beneficial for SEO (search engine optimisation). 
  • It differentiates you from your competitors: If they do not broadcast live.  
  • Eliminates geographical barriers: By broadcasting, for example, a live event. 
  • It helps you to attract new subscribers: When you do a free Live, your followers can see a small part of what you offer. If you arouse their curiosity, it is very likely that they will subscribe to your video on demand channel. Remember that at PLAYBAK we take care of the technical side of your channel. 

Live Streaming: The Complete 2022 Guide to Making Your Live Streaming Videos a Success

1Plan your Live Streaming

To get good results from a Live you must plan very well what you will talk about and how you will do it. 

The first thing is to know your buyer persona or ideal client, so you know what they want to see and how they want you to present it to them. If you have a video streaming channel dedicated to training, it is advisable to answer their most common questions. By following these guidelines you will become a reference point for them. 

It is also essential that, in a subtle way, you encourage them to subscribe to your video on demand channel if they have not already done so. If it is a live event for subscribers only (for example, a live broadcast of an event) you can also remind or present one of your courses.

2Choose the right live streaming platform

When it comes to live streaming you have two options: Social media, and video-on-demand platforms. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing one or the other will depend on your objectives: 

  • RRSS: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch are the most famous platforms where you can make a Live, doing so is free and can help you gain subscribers. Viewers will watch the video for free and you will not get a direct economic benefit. However, it can be a very good technique to include in your social media strategy. 
  • Video on demand platforms: On professional video platforms like PLAYBAK, you can create and manage your streaming video channel for a small monthly fee. Every time someone subscribes to your channel or wants to watch a video, they will have to pay the amount you set, that money will be for you, so it's a great way to increase your income. Live Streaming on these platforms can be paid (for direct profit) or free (to attract subscribers and make an indirect profit)

All other points in this guide will be the same no matter which platform you choose. 

3Get quality equipment

Although we have already made it clear that a good internet connection is key to the success of your Live Streaming, it is not the only thing you need for a professional result. 

When shooting video, the results differ greatly depending on the equipment you use. If you want to achieve an optimal result you will need: 

  1. A quality camera (It can be your smartphone camera).
  2. A tripod to stabilise the image.
  3. Lighting elements. 
  4. A microphone. 

These are the basics, but not the only ones. Within these elements you will find equipment of higher and lower quality. In this article you will find out how to create your own home recording studio. Click here to learn about 10 tools to improve your videos. 

In 2022 the trend is to have the best image and audio, so improving the quality of your videos is key to succeed with your live performances. 

PS: Remember that you also need a broadcasting platform, which can be free like RRSS, or professional like PLAYBAK. 

4Encourage interaction with your audience

We have already said that one of the biggest advantages of Live Streaming is that it allows the audience to interact with us and with each other live. 

You should be aware that while some of your viewers will interact willingly, most will not if you don't motivate them. How can you motivate your audience to participate? 

  • Read the best comments live, saying the name of the person who wrote it. This will make that viewer very excited, and motivate others in the hope of being chosen. Best if they are comments of value, especially questions that you will answer, the answer should be useful to your audience. 
  • During the Live suggest that they comment, you will be surprised to see how the comments increase just because of this small suggestion. 
  • Hold a raffle among the people who interact (The choice of the winner should always be honest)

5Promote your Live Streaming days (or weeks) in advance 

You may have been thinking for weeks about the Live you have prepared for Friday, but your audience doesn't read your mind. They don't know you have anything prepared if you don't tell them and it is very likely that they will miss it, even if they want to see it with all their heart. 

For this not to happen you need to promote your Live Streaming days or weeks before, among your followers and also among a new audience. How do you do this? 

  • How to promote your Live Streaming to your followersMake posts on your social networks where you make it clear what you are going to talk about, the date and on which platform they can see the Live. Don't be afraid to be heavy, because the more times you repeat it, the more chances you have of reaching a greater number of people and of it being engraved in your follower's mind (remember that memory works better with repetition)
  • How to reach a new audience with your Live: The most common is to publish paid ads on social networks, mainly those most used by your target audience, and select the correct parameters so that the ad is shown only to your buyer persona. Another fantastic idea is to contact influencers in your sector so that they can recommend it on their social networks. You are making an investment in time and money, so it is advisable that your Live Streaming is focused, in a very subtle way, on attracting subscribers to your video on demand channel. If you don't know how to implement these promotional actions, you can hire an online marketing company like Gosuac Media.

 6It measures results

Monitoring your data is key to making your next Live even better. For example, seeing when your audience interacts the most will give you an idea of how to encourage interaction in the right way. Discovering which parts of the Live Streaming are the most abandoned, allows you to create more entertaining videos.  

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