The ultimate Social Media guide to driving traffic to your streaming video channel


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The ultimate Social Media guide to driving traffic to your streaming video channel

You have created the perfect video streaming channel, you couldn't be happier and all you can think about is getting traffic so that thousands of people can watch it. 

However, amidst the euphoria of the moment, the first doubts creep in: How do I get subscribers, where do I find them, how do I prove that my on demand videos improve their lives? 

The answer is simple, thanks to Social Media:

1What is Social Media and why do you need it to build your video streaming audience? 

Social Media is all the actions we carry out in social media to promote our business.

The Social Media plan is made up of different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube...) and tells you how to work on each of them. The aim is to get followers who then subscribe to your channel. 

Each publication will aim to achieve an action from your audience: convert them into subscribers, generate curiosity, get them to subscribe to your newsletter, build loyalty or get them to share the publication.

2Discover the Social Media Plan, your planning guide to success

The Social Media plan is a document where you will write the objectives of the channel, the characteristics of your ideal customer and the publications to be made within a certain period of time. 

You can also include actions that improve your brand image as a video on demand creator and add an IDEAS section to capture your moments of inspiration. This way your social media marketing strategy is clearer and more organised. 

Although you can do it on paper, I recommend you to create your Social Media plan in Google spreadsheets, it allows editing and when you work in a team all your colleagues can see it at the same time.  

3Get to know your audience and find out how your videos help them

The most important thing to drive traffic to your video streaming channel is to know your audience, how else are you going to find your potential customers, how else are you going to convince them to stay with you? 

Our advice is to create a profile of your buyer persona or ideal customer. As a video creator you don't have to have just one ideal client, you can target people of different ages, professions... You must know each of your potential clients and create a profile for each of them. 

How to create an ideal customer profile for your video on demand channel?

A good start is to answer the following questions:

  • What is their gender? 

If, for example, the largest percentage of your audience is female, it is ideal to use words and colours associated with femininity. 

If your main audience is male, you will need to research the male brain and create tailored posts. 

If your audience is mixed, it's best to ignore this.

  • What is your income level? 

Key to know the audience you can reach for your on demand videos, what materials you can recommend to buy, and also to know where to find your potential customers.

  • What is their age range? 

This data tells you which social networks you should use according to the age of your target audience. For example, the latest studies of Tik Tok show that its most active users are between 20 and 30 years old, while the average age of Facebook users is between 40 and 50 years old.   

  • What are their needs?

By knowing their needs you can publish content that demonstrates how your on-demand videos meet them.

Imagine you teach yoga classes on demand, most of the users will need your videos to reduce their stress or improve a minor health condition, it is on these needs where you should focus your content. 

4Define the objectives of your video streaming channel

You may think that your goal is to reach one million views, and yes, that is a valid goal. But to reach that goal you must first achieve smaller goals, reaching 1,000 views, 10,000, 100,000 and finally reaching the coveted feat of one million.

These smaller, measurable objectives are known as SMART objectives and are the ones that we include in the Social Media Plan for your video streaming channel. 

What are Smart Targets in Social Media? 

  • Specific 
  • Mensurable 
  • Achievable 
  • Relevant 
  • Timely 

Example of a Smart target for your video streaming channel

  • [S] Increase your followers on Instagram.
  • [M] By 500 new ones every month. 
  • [A] With advice posts on your video streaming topic.
  • [R] Increase the subscribers of your video streaming channel thanks to these new followers.
  • [T] Achieve that goal in the next 3 months. 

This goal-setting technique gives you a firm foundation to start working from, with SMART goals you define how much traffic you want to get, how you will achieve it and when. 

5Create your branding

Remember that the objective of your Social Media plan is to drive traffic to your video streaming channel, users must pay to subscribe, so you must create a professional brand image that gives them confidence so that they want to do it. 

On the other hand, defining your brand image helps you to create publications in a simpler and more effective way, as you will always follow the same pattern defined by the following points: 

  • Corporate colours: It is best to choose one main corporate colour and two complementary shades. Playbak's colours are black, red and white. Visual publications, logos and mastheads are composed of these colours. 
    • Choose the colours that appear most in your videos, in the background or decoration.
    • Keep in mind what you want to convey: for example, black is associated with mystery, pink conveys tranquillity, orange is ideal for youthful brands…
    • A memorable name for your social media accounts. The shorter the better, ideally the same name as your video on demand channel. 
  • Tone: The tone is your way of speaking and writing in social networks, if your video streaming channel is about yoga choose a calm tone, if your channel is about fitness better an energetic tone that motivates your audience. 
  • The music you choose for your videos should also match the tone you have chosen (calm, energetic, elegant, fun...)
  • Other: Other elements that also help are a logo and a story. The story should be memorable, emotional and true. A clear example is the story of the fitness trainer who loses 70 kilos in three months and reveals his method on his on-demand video channel. 

6Choose only the social networks that your audience prefers

Below you will see the characteristics and advantages of each one so that you can see how they fit with your audience and therefore, which ones you should choose: 

  • Facebook: Your primary audience is 30 years and older. The ideal frequency to post is at least 3 times a week, better to post more at the beginning to create a solid content base. 
  • Instagram and Tik Tok: Both have a young audience, are very visual and require posting up to 3 times a day to build a solid audience (recommended minimum is 5 posts a week). Instagram wants to position itself as a direct competitor of Tik Tok, according to the company's CEO, so we recommend you to be on both of them. Ideal if your on-demand videos are very visual: make-up, crafts, dance...
  • YouTube: Ideal for getting fast traffic to your video streaming channel, create videos where you teach a complementary part to the teachings of your course, then make it clear that to learn more they should subscribe to your videos on demand. It is recommended to publish a YouTube video at least once a week, use it if you have time to create the videos.
  • Twitter: The main Twitter user is between 25 and 49 years old. It is recommended to tweet at least 3 times a day to build a solid audience.
  • Linkedin: A business-focused social network. Great if your on-demand videos are useful in a business environment. 
  • Blog: Perfect for all topics: With a good SEO strategy it can help to position your on demand videos in search engines. They also act as a content repository, people interested in your subject can visit your blog to learn about the sector of your courses, and they will get to know your video streaming channel thanks to it. 

7Create quality content to drive traffic to your streaming channel

The aim of this guide is to drive fast traffic to your video streaming channel, to achieve this you must create strategic publications that make up what in content marketing we call a "sales funnel".

The sales funnel consists of first attracting traffic to your social networks, informing those followers of your on-demand courses, awakening in them the desire to buy them and finally, converting them into customers.  

The most effective posts to drive traffic to your video streaming channel 

  • Tips and tutorials

When you show how to solve a problem in your industry you show that you know what you're talking about, so your followers are more likely to subscribe - why wouldn't they if they know you'll help them? 

When posting on your blog or YouTube channel it's a good idea to remember at the end of each post that they can subscribe to your video on demand channel.

On social media like Facebook or Instagram it's not ideal to repeat it as much, but it is ideal to put links to your channel in the bio or in the featured Instagram stories. 

  • Posts that make people curious about your channel

We are people and we do what we do to make ourselves feel good, and transmitting how your courses are already making others happy is the most effective thing to do: 

    • Post images of your happy customers: Better if they are before and after.
    • Share positive feedback: For example, by uploading thank you messages sent by your subscribers to Instagram Stories.
    • Post your clients' creations: The fantastic photograph that Manolo took thanks to your photography course, the fantastic ice cream that María prepared thanks to your cooking course... 
  • Sweepstakes

While sweepstakes are not the best way to drive direct traffic to your video streaming channel, they are the best way to get followers fast on your social networks. Remember that we will then work to convert those followers into subscribers. 

The sweepstakes prize should be a product directly related to your video on demand channel, as you are looking for followers who are actually interested in your videos. Offering a generic prize (such as a mobile phone or tablet) will attract an audience that may not be interested in what you are offering. 

You can take advantage of the wide reach of social media sweepstakes by raffling off a free subscription to your video streaming channel. If one of the requirements to enter is to share the sweepstakes post you are sure to reach hundreds of new people. 

8Get more traffic through e-mail marketing

E-Mail marketing consists of getting your potential customers' e-mail addresses and sending them a newsletter with news of interest to them, including information about your videos on demand. 

How can you get subscribers to your newsletter? 

With infoproducts that are downloaded by entering the email address in a form:

It can be a mini video complementary to the course, or directly the first two chapters of the course, thus creating curiosity so that the user wants to subscribe and watch the rest.

The form will be included on your website or blog. For ethical reasons you should make it clear that by entering the email address the user subscribes to your newsletter and will receive information. 

9Create strategic partnerships and get more traffic to your video streaming channel

As the name suggests, social media is social, so you don't have to do it all alone, nor is it advisable. 

The first of these winning alliances is influencer marketing, which consists of getting social network users with a large following to talk about your video streaming channel in order to make it known. 

How do we achieve this?

The first thing you should do is identify the influencers in your sector, depending on your budget you can choose those who have more or less followers. 

Influencers who are just starting out usually do collaborations in exchange for free product, you give them a subscription to your video streaming channel and they talk about your channel with their followers. 

If you want to collaborate with influencers who have a large number of followers, they may ask for a financial payment. 

The second strategic alliance is affiliate marketing, at Playbak we know that these collaborations work great, so we talk about it in depth in the following link: 

Here you will find out what affiliate marketing is all about. 

10Review your Social Media strategy and get more traffic month by month

Are your goals being met? If so, great! Boost those publications that give the best results. Not being met? Then you should look at what actions you could implement to improve your metrics. You could even consider opting for paid advertising on social networks. 

The ideal is to review your social media plan once every three months, boosting those actions that work and eliminating or improving those that do not.

There are digital marketing companies that can also help you improve your Social Media actions, Gosuac is one of them.

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