Top 7 strategies to promote your video streaming channel


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Top 7 strategies to promote your video streaming channel

A video streaming channel can be a very profitable business, especially considering the incredible figures that the sector has reached in recent years.

A few days ago we gave you the guidelines to find out if video on demand is a viable source of income for you, if you missed that information you can now see it again by clicking here.

However, having a streaming video channel is not just about preparing your videos and going to sleep. 

Can you get subscribers this way? 

Yes, of course you can. But you will leave all your potential to chance and you will always get less views than you would achieve with a good promotion strategy.

At PLAYBAK we know that marketing can be overwhelming when we don't know it. 

That's why we have prepared for you a compilation of the best strategies to promote your video streaming channel. After reading you will have a much clearer idea of how to attract traffic to your video streaming channel. 

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Top 7 strategies to promote your video streaming channel

1Create a pre-launch promotion and get subscribers from day one 

Although most promotions for your streaming video channel are done when the channel is live, you don't need to wait that long to advertise. 

A good pre-launch strategy gets customers before the first video is on air. 

The most important part of a pre-launch strategy is to have a pre-launch website. On this website we recommend including information about the content you will publish, the exact date and clear instructions on how the user can subscribe.

Ideally, the user should have the option to subscribe even before you launch your videos, hence the importance of knowing the launch date, to eliminate their doubts and unconscious resistance. 

Although it is a pre-launch website, it should have the same basic elements as a sales page, as it is also focused on getting subscribers, only that they will enjoy the product in the future instead of immediately.

To keep it short, I recommend you read our article: How to create an effective sales page for your on-demand videos and multiply your income. 

Just as it is recommended to promote your video streaming channel when it is active, it is also a good idea to promote your pre-launch page. To do so, you can follow the strategies below. 

2Use social media to convert followers into subscribers

Social media is a powerful way to reach thousands of customers without leaving your home. 

You can use them to promote your video streaming channel and to advertise your pre-launch page. 

How can you promote your video streaming channel on social media? 

The most important thing is to have thematic social networks, related to your sector. That is, if you have a video streaming channel about yoga, it is recommended that your social media channels are about yoga, rather than personal.

This way you attract your potential customers, because when you publish posts about yoga, only people interested in this discipline will subscribe, and therefore, they are your potential customers. 

By attractively presenting your video streaming channel on social media, many of your followers will want to subscribe, as you will be offering them something of value to them.

We can imagine the questions that are going through your mind right now: 

Which social networks are best for me? How do I use them well? What audience? 

At PLAYBAK we work hard to make your adventure in the world of video streaming easier every day, that's why we have prepared a complete social media guide that will solve your doubts. You will find it by clicking here.

3Affiliate marketing, or how to get others to promote your channel for you

Affiliate marketing is the modern version of word of mouth, with the difference that the person who speaks well of you gets a commission if someone subscribes to your channel.

What exactly is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing consists of certain people talking about your product on their online channels, for each purchase generated through them, they will take a commission that you both have previously agreed.

To keep track of how many sales come from an affiliate you use a tracking link. The sales that come from that affiliate will be the ones that are made when the user reaches your channel from their unique and personal link. 

How can you promote your video streaming channel with affiliate marketing? 

  • Find reliable and credible affiliates. 
  • Agree terms and conditions in advance: Where they will run the promotion and what their commissions will be. 
  • Let their opinion be real. It is common for affiliates to write positive reviews of your products, and it is very important that they are free to do so if you want their audience to perceive them honestly. 
  • Ideally, find affiliates within your industry or related to video on demand.
  • The most common is to select influencers and websites dedicated to selling affiliate products. 
  • Look for a decent number of followers and good interaction. An account with 3,000 followers and high engagement can generate more sales than one with 30,000 followers and low engagement. 
  • Take the time to find the affiliates that work best for you. Investing time in finding the right people will save you problems down the road.
  • Ask for statistics with confidence.

If you want to know more about how affiliate marketing works for video on demand click here

4SEO as infinite promotion

Although SEO is not a promotion technique on its own, it is essential for all other strategies to work. 

The only way to do without it and achieve good results is to spend large amounts of money on paid advertising, which is not your best option in the long run and also needs some SEO knowledge.  

What exactly is SEO and how does it help you promote your video streaming channel? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which in our language means search engine optimisation. It is all the options we do so that users interested in our sector can find us. 

All internet search engines have algorithms with which they select who appears at the top and who is at the bottom. The content creators who appear at the top get the highest number of followers and customers.

 How do they get those coveted rankings? 

By implementing the SEO techniques that work best for that search engine. 

Google, YouTube, Instagram... All platforms require SEO to appear in the top positions. 

How can I use SEO to increase traffic to my video streaming channel? 

  • Optimise the sales page of your video streaming channel, using the keywords your followers use.
  • Create an attractive sales page that increases dwell time. The longer someone stays on your website, the better reputation you will achieve with search engines. 
  • Reduce the loading time of your website. 
  • Minimise the weight of images. 
  • Increase the interaction rate of your posts on social media. 

In this guide, we explain how to use SEO to promote your video streaming channel.

What is SEO and how to use it to increase views on your video streaming channel.

5Leverage the offline world to promote your video streaming channel

These promotional techniques are very useful for all professionals who are already active in their sector outside the digital world.


If, for example, you are a make-up artist and you give courses at home, you can tell your current clients about your video streaming channel, as it is a complementary product to what they are already buying. 

The same applies if you run a fitness academy or a gym. If you are a massage therapist and you offer E-learning courses on self-massage on your video streaming channel, it is also a good idea to offer it to your customers. 

Do you want an incentive to get more subscribers offline? 

Offer your existing customers an exclusive discount to subscribe at a cheaper price, just for them. 

Your video streaming channel can be a business in itself, but also the perfect complement to your existing business.

6Advertise to reach those who don't know you yet

While we have seen that social media is great for getting subscribers, it is somewhat limited, as it only shows your posts to your followers (some, such as Instagram, show your posts to a small number of non-followers, but this number is very small). 

SEO in turn is a long-distance race, in which you will see results in the long run.

Investing a reasonable amount in online advertising is a perfect way to promote your video streaming channel. 

Advertise on Google

Google ads are known as Google Ads. They show your video streaming channel or sales page in the top positions when the user searches for something related to it. 

They work like an auction, so the user who pays the most appears first, even if the difference is only one cent from the one immediately above. 

The advantage? 

You only pay per click, every time a user enters your website from that link you will be paid the agreed amount, which is usually a few cents.

Your ad can also be displayed on websites related to your industry, this service is known as Google Adsense.

YouTube advertising works in a similar way, but you need to create a promotional video that the platform will show to users.

In case you want to advertise in banner format, you will also need to create it beforehand. 

Advertise on social media

To advertise on social networks you need a business account on the social network of your choice. Most of them allow you to create one without having a registered company.   

There are different types of campaigns, from pay-per-click to pay-per-view campaigns.

What does your success in this type of campaign depend on? 

Mainly on the attractiveness of the ad you design. For this you can hire a professional designer. 

However, you can create the most persuasive ad ever, but if it doesn't reach your target audience, you won't see results.

When creating a social media advertising campaign, you choose the type of audience that will see your ads: Age, interests, purchasing power, etc. 

Our advice is to spend time getting to know your ideal customer, and then select the right parameters when creating the campaign. 

Remember also the importance of combining this promotion technique with a good SEO strategy to get subscribers through organic and paid traffic. 

7Join great professionals

Although you have just seen the most effective strategies to promote your video streaming channel, it is not necessary to create them alone.

There are companies dedicated to online marketing that carry out this type of action on a daily basis. For them these strategies are as natural as breathing, and they know very well how to implement them to get subscribers fast. 

If you want to delegate this task, you have at your disposal companies like Gosuac, which will do the job of promoting your video streaming channel for you. 

Most often, marketing companies work based on your budget, you can invest a small amount at the beginning and increase it as your video on demand revenue grows. 

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