What should be the perfect settings to record my video?


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What should be the perfect settings to record my video?

Many of our users ask us about what the perfect setup should be like to shoot the best videos.
And this question is very interesting because the way you use your video equipment is much more important than the equipment itself.

You can spend thousands of euros on equipment, but without knowing how your videos will look and how to create that image, you will be wasting all that money.

In this article, I'm going to try to show you how to set up the main elements to shoot the perfect video.

1The camera

Let's start with the camera angle.

You should always make sure that your camera is at face level or slightly below your face so that it is looking towards you. Having the viewer look at you can create a sense of authority and strength.

Conversely, having the camera look down at you can create a sense of inferiority and weakness. While this can be a very interesting artistic angle, it is not the angle you should start with as a video content creator.

  • If you're shooting a fitness or yoga video, you'll want to have your whole body in the shot with room to move. Make sure you have those references before you shoot so you know how much space you have.
  • If you're shooting a video where you're just talking, it's preferable to go for a tighter angle, usually from mid-chest up. Make sure you leave a bit of headroom so that your hair is not cut off at the top, but don't overdo it so that it is well framed, with no gaps.

Another of the most important things to do is to give depth to the image. There should be a certain distance between you and the background, whatever the background is.This is called depth of field. It is interesting to let the background look blurred, out of focus, while the subject remains in sharp focus during the video. If you shoot your videos in a studio, where it's just you against a white background, you don't have to worry about creating this depth of field.

But if you are filming in a gym, kitchen, doctor's office or any other space, make sure there is enough distance between the background and the camera. It doesn't have to be too much, a few metres will be enough.


This is one of the most important parts of this article. 

Bad lighting can ruin a video. You could have a wonderful landscape, but if the lighting is not good, the end result will be disappointing. You have to find the balance between the optimal camera settings and the right lighting levels.

Explained in another way, the best way to place lights and find the right balance to light an image is as follows: 

The main light, also called the key light, should be pointed at the main element (you or anyone else in the video). This light should be approximately at the one o'clock position (as if your set is a big clock)This will help to light one side of the face and some shadows will form on the other side of the face. 

The solution to fill in the far side of your face is to have a fill light, or have a piece of white cardboard on the side opposite the key light to reflect some of the excess light back to the shadow side of your face.

If you are in a room without windows, you can use a panel light to fill in the backlight. If light is coming into the scene, aim it at the background. If not, use this light to fill in the background.

Finally, I recommend having a soft light in the background of the video. This can be a lamp, candles or a strip of led lights, this will add some depth and texture, and will considerably increase the quality of the image. It's a good idea to keep it blurred, which will add a nice touch to your video.

If you look at the most popular YouTubers, you will see that they always have lights in the background when they record videos in their studios.


The sound of your videos should match the image. If you have the budget, don't skimp on sound quality. Recording with the internal microphone of your camera is not the best option because the quality is usually not very good. 

Take the time to set up the recording space, avoid disturbing noises and try to improve the acoustics. If you can afford it, invest in acoustic panels for your film set that will allow you to take your videos to another level. 

If you're just starting out, you can buy an external lavalier microphone for very little money - you'll be amazed at the difference. If you want a professional sound, you'll have to resort to a Rode microphone and a sound recorder to connect to your computer.


You now have everything you need to set up the two most important elements and record the perfect video!

Remember, the greatest value you can offer your followers is good content and getting it across as well as possible. So strive to give them quality content.

Quiet, it's being recorded! 馃槉

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