Why Live Streaming will help you generate revenue?


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Why Live Streaming will help you generate revenue?

You have probably thought many times over the last few months about how to adapt your business to the internet. This new business direction does not have to be a total process, nor does it have to leave your physical business to one side. But neither is it essential that you make it compatible.

As the health situation improves, it will become a complement to the local business, a new way of attracting other types of customers. Even a new digital business model.

There are countless programmes and tools for webinars, online classes, consultancy, workshops, training, coaching, consultations, etc. Some have become popular, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live and Youtube live. But not all of them are ready to help you generate income.

The following cases could be a reflection of what you are experiencing on a daily basis.

María has an English language school in San Fernando, Cádiz. Every year she receives many students from nearby towns who need to certify their level of English in order to obtain a university degree.With the current situation, face-to-face classes have been limited, so she has opted to give her classes via Live Streaming. Now she has not only recovered the students who stopped attending in person, but has also enrolled students from all over Spain.

On the other hand, Verónica is a resident of Montiel, in Ciudad Real, where she owns a yoga academy that opened 5 years ago. When the restrictions began, she was forced to close her premises. With the new timetables it was impossible for her to meet the costs of her business, so, encouraged by her students and her family, she decided to take the leap to the internet.After the first few weeks of testing, Verónica couldn't be happier with her decision. Through Live Streaming she can continue doing what she loves, she has managed to save her business and is already working to attract customers from other locations.

To make the leap to the internet, customers are looking for a quality product and above all a simple one. They need a tool that is easy to use because clients like Maria or Veronica need to focus their efforts on creating valuable content for their customers, leaving aside the more complex tasks. For this reason, finding a suitable tool that meets our needs is not always easy.

In addition, it is advisable that before contracting the services of one of these platforms you check the small print in detail. It happens more often than desired, that the big companies modify the conditions of the subscription, finding unwanted surprises that complicate the work of the creators of this type of content.

At PLAYBAK we take care of all these little details, so that all our users can focus on generating value for their customers. But we also help them to boost their income and keep their business growing.

Get to know PLAYBAK and sign up for the BETA version. Get ready to be a PlayBaker and see how video streaming will REVOLUTIONISE your business.