Why use Playbak as a Live Streaming and on demand platform?


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Why use Playbak as a Live Streaming and on demand platform?

At PLAYBAK we provide you with all the means you need to share your high quality on demand or live streaming video content. 

If you have a consultancy, an academy, or you are dedicated to any other branch related to training (consultancy, training, coaching), you can offer your video content in a very simple way:

- Publish your videos so that your clients can consume them on demand at any time.

- Broadcast live video through our Live Streaming tool.

- You are in control of how and when your customers consume your content.

- Secure payment gateways.

- Receive 100% of sales. 

PLAYBAK offers you a high quality video streaming service available to your customers anywhere in the world, with unlimited hosting, security and 24 hour support. 

Use PLAYBAK's features as you need them:

  • Subscriptions: Offer access for a periodic fee.
  • Rentals: Charge for limited access to your content.
  • Pay-Per-View: Monetise your content for a one-time fee.
  • Create Bundles: Provide access to a bundle for a one-time fee.
  • Free Trial: Allow users to enjoy your content for free for a limited time.
  • "Lifetime: Offer unlimited access to your content for a one-time fee.

You choose how you want to monetise or we help you do it:

PLAYBAK offers users the possibility to pay using Paypal or Stripe in a simple way forgetting the problems with payment gateways. You can choose recurring payments, payments per view and/or rentals.

Control your content and payments:

PLAYBAK helps you to manage who can view your content and make payments very easy. Through detailed analytics, you can check the behaviour of your customers to track content consumption per seconds played and thus have the clarity to distribute payments between partners and your content creators as needed.

Increase your sales:

Up-sell or cross-sell to your subscribers. Easily convert monthly subscriptions to annual subscriptions, or cross-sell by offering other related video packages.

Customise PLAYBAK with your brand:

See how you can brand every part of your streaming website. Have a landing page, a payment page and a catalogue page that reflect your brand values.

A simple and easy to calculate fee:

We wanted to make it so simple it's almost crazy simple. No long-term contracts, just a one-off payment and easy-to-calculate pricing on all our plans. 

Control your users' information:

Unlike other platforms, on PLAYBAK, all user data collected is yours. 

Monitor your sales:

Use our reporting system to identify the best performing content and tactics, and make constant improvements to get more business opportunities. 

Upload custom images: 

You can upload the preview image of your choice for each video for a more visual catalogue. 

Captions and subtitles:

Improve accessibility by adding captions to your video content. Viewers will be able to turn them on or off directly from the player. 

Don't believe it?

Take the plunge and check it out. Sign up for the PLAYBAK BETA version to become a PlayBaker and get ready to see how streaming video REVOLVES your business.